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Councillor Abraham Jacobson: Support Pauline Pearce because she is black like you are

Councillor Abraham Jacobson: Don’t be dissing her like that

Not doing so makes me envious and a traitor and he thinks I should be “helping her, not slagging her off”. Truth is Jacobson wouldn’t give two hoots about Pauline Pearce or what I had to say about her, if he and the Lib-Dems didn’t think she was a commodity with a public profile worth exploiting in their play for power. Others who want to piggy bank off her ‘notoriety’ position themselves next to her while they promote their businesses and various projects or hope the mythical stardust, would fall off her and sprinkle on them. That’s how stupid guileless, gullible and gormless people are.

Jacobson may have got me confused with a section of the community he represents in Cazenove ward, where it’s common knowledge that many in the Jewish community only vote for Jewish Councillors and that even Jewish candidates try not to run against each other.

Let me tell you something Mr Councillor; I’m nobodies fool and I hope not too many are stupid enough to vote for Pauline Pearce on May 3rd. Fortunately for the Lib-Dems, we live in a terminal era where hype and spin rule and people are susceptible to gimmicks and media creations such as Pearce, than the truth. Pearce is no enigma to a lot of black people like me, because she could have been any of our mothers, grandmothers, aunt or sister nor did she say anything new or ground breaking on the corner of Clarence Road on August  7th 2011. What she did wasn’t courageous, but to some people it is, because they couldn’t imagine doing anything like that.

I will always vote for best person not based on popularity or race. We have enough charlatans, rebel rousers  and self appointed ‘leaders’ who purport to represent us, last thing we need is a dishonest wannabe  fuelled by smoke blown up her ass by enablers with their own agenda.

You want to see black folks holler on the streets? Check out Kingsland High Road, close to Ridley market on a Saturday, You’ll find them all, bible bashers and crazies not that much different from “Hackneys Hero Lady P”.

Oh and Cllr Jacobson, about those people on Twitter  you claim I have anonymously harassed, still waiting to hear who they are.

After hearing from Pearce countless times of how envious I am of her, I had to ask, just what it was about her or her life Made me envious. I got a response from Jacobson



Pauline Pearce: You are just jealous of me

This was retweeted by someone who added her comment about Pearce’s language before I got a screen shot and before the ‘Hackney Heroine’ blocked me. It has since been deleted. Pearce let her potty mouth do the talking.

This all came about when I dared to challenge her again, after she continued posting cryptic messages to me following the piece someone wrote for her, appeared in Comments Is Free and me referring to her as a “gimmick”. I wanted to know how she claimed she was unavailable for work due to “back problems” yet able to make so many appearances. You have to admit all those media jaunts and her stomping around Hackney Central doing door to door campaigning and leaflet dropping is heavy going  for a healthy able bodied person, but a person with numerous health problems she claims she has? I know this because I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my lumber spine which can be challenging when it flares up. My movement on those days are not as fluid as her gait. Still many of us work, why can’t she?

So how did the wannabe Lib-Dem Councillor respond? She told me I was bitter, twisted and jealous of her, then took delight in rounding up her ‘posse’ of idiot “fans”, (yes she calls them fans) by tweeting relentlessly on how she was being ambushed by her “haters” and at one time threatened to shut down her twitter account.

OK I admit I may be a little twisted, but jealous of a woman who has such a wretched life?

Like any righteous Diva, Pauline Pearce is quite accomplished at garnering sympathy and thrives on it. This Hackney Chanteuse may want you to believe she is all cleaned up, but a leopard doesn’t shed it’s spots over night and she still has street and hustle in her, qualities that never leave you. Mix that up with an insatiable appetite to be wanted, adored and sought, you have the monster that she has become. Nothing is beneath her, even bringing up her daughters rape to garner even more sympathy. I wonder how her daughter felt about her mother blabbering to the media about it?


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