Police with BIG guns and Newington Green on Lock Down

Newington Green: Police and & perps in the streets. Photo: Courtesy of @livingcool

You would have thought you were on the set  of M*A*S*H  from the sounds of the air crafts. Just before I left for a bit of shopping on Upper Street at about 2pm this afternoon, there was talk on Twitter about helicopters hovering over Stoke Newington, parts of Islington and a gun man running wild around Newington Green or was it an armed robber?

By the time I hopped on the 476, there wasn’t much action, but on my way back at about 4.30, via Albion Road, both Pryland Road and Ferntower Road were sealed off by police. I didn’t notice the gun and folks gathered round all looked pretty chilled to me.

I couldn’t get my phone out of my coat pocket in time to snap a pic, but here is one courtesy of  @livingcool. Only thing I could get from police was something about some dude they were looking for, who had earlier been involved in something domestic, and was spotted in the area.

Good news is by 7pm it was done and dusted. Cops packed up their things and roads were opened. I don’t know if the perp was apprehended but I’m guessing not.

Me? I made out like a bandit on Upper Street.  The Body Shop was offering 30% off products if you had a loyalty card, that was 20% more what I normally get. On top of that I got $5 gift as  it wait’s my Birthday month. £29 saving on shower gels, body butters, moisture cream, room oil scents is better than a kick in the face. Around the corner I paid full price for Waitrose.

Happy happy Friday!


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