Happy Birthday to the sexiest man dead or alive – Marvin Gaye


Makes me wanna holler …..Marvin Gaye April 02 1939 – April 1 1984

The UK today is remembering the Falklands war,  but I prefer to remember Marvin Gaye who had more of a positive effect on my life than any damn old war.

He was flawed, had his demons and he was not a perfect man but his music was and will always be so relevant to society. His socially conscious lyrics echo what we still grapple with today, proving that pain, war, injustice, suffering, poverty and racial unrest is just as real as it was back then.  Marvin Gaye’s songs reflected the social and political landscape of the 60 into the 70’s in inner city America, but he could have been singing about London today and the devastating effects of the current government cuts.

His music was a staple in my home as a child, I can still see the the What’s Going On album cover in our living room, It was an album the two generations in my home loved and it followed us as we cris crossed across the Atlantic ocean and lived between the UK and Nigeria for all of the 70’s.

Marvin would have been 73 today had he lived. Yesterday was 28 years since he was killed by his father…a family tragedy.

I had to include him singing the Star Spangled Banner, because NOBODY could EVER come close to his rendition, not even Whitney. And the pure beauty of the man…..I could watch this over and over again.

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