Andrew Boff nominated by Conservatives to run in Hackney Central ward in by-election


He's baaack.... Andrew Boff

I love Hackney, there’s never a dull moment and it’s fast becoming a borough, that is very different from the place I first lived in when I was a teenager in the late 70’s.  I was about to congratulate London Assembly member, Andrew Boff, on his nomination as councillor in Hackney Central ward, when I read somewhere that he has made running for various government offices a sport, he often loses.

It’s silly season in Hackney, what with the Lib Dem dog and pony show  (who incidentally will be running against Andrew Boff)  and socialists with an agenda going ape crap all over a murdered boy in Mississippi 50 years ago, and protesting the US government over the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Who knows what will top it all off.

Boff has ran three times for Hackney of Mayor which makes him a very ambitious and fearless to do so in a Labour stronghold such as Hackney, and failed three times to gain the tory’s nomination for Mayor of London. Last time Boff was making headlines, was back in 2010 when Hackney Council royaly screwed him during the elections. As expected he lost.

A former councillor in Hillingdon, west London, he has lived near Broadway Market for 10 years, in Hackney for 20 years and was a councillor for Queensbridge ward. Not being that switched on about local politics in my hood, I wasn’t aware that the Boffmiester has ran for elected office, more times than I got shagged last year (I’m very picky) and according to him they were in 1982,1986,1990,2005,2008, 2010. On most occasions he loses spectacularly, but still dusts himself off for another round.

Andrew Boff isn’t your grand daddy’s type of a tory man, as you will gather from this touching  love-in, from fellow conservatives. In the Hackney Citizen, Boff lays out his plans for Hackney Central ward but as one observer noted,  “I wish you luck Boff, but Hackney Labour and Luke the enforcer Akehurst will muster the Red Army to crush you and keep going their one party state in the peoples republic”.

Despite wearing a kinder socially conscious heart on his tory sleeves, contrived or not, Boff stands a better chance at winning a Miss Hackney beauty pageant contest (face and legs shaved of course).

On May 3, he is up against  Labour’s contender, a rather vanilla uninspiring barrister called Ben Hayhurst and  the Lib Dem’s great black hope, Pauline Pearce, who has incredulously stretched her 15 minutes of fame, thanks to reality TV and a desperate Lib Dem party.  Andrew Boff recently described Pearce as lovely, human and said: “she cuddles well”

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