Video of George Zimmerman shows no blood and who is this Joe Oliver uncle Tom?

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A  video of George Zimmerman as he arrived at Sanford Police station the evening Trayvon was killed, has been released. Only thing is for someone who claims they had their head slammed into the pavement and was punched in the face, there is no blood or visible bruising.

If you remember, police claimed Zimmerman had a broken nose and blood coming his head.  Keep in mind he was checked out by medics before the video and may have had the blood cleaned up before the CCTV camera images in Sanford Police station’s sally port..  Who knows, things are still unravelling.

All over America there are others like Zimmerman who aspire to enter law enforcement, many just like him never make it and wind up working security  at Walmart or become prison officers. I had to deal with those types who missed out on their calling were rejected by various police/sheriff departments. I’ve had my run-ins with them and find there is an undercurrent of inadequacy which manifests itself into bullish behaviour. I saw it in my time in jail and Zimmerman reminds me of them. 

 Then along came Joe
 A bit of a mystery who has somehow managed to impale himself into this whole sordid tale, by claiming to be George Zimmerman’s friend. I don’t have to wear a white coat to realise, there is something amiss with this poor bastard and I’m thinking some type of mental illness. There is something not quite right about Joe Oliver. Watch the remarkable interview.
Joe hasn’t worked in media for a while, he was an anchorman with CNN some 2 decades ago and probably thought this was his chance to get back in by associating himself with Zimmerman. I remember him from his CNN days, not because he is memorable, but because of a video clip from when he had a full head of hair. 
As far as Uncle Toms go, brother Joe has gone waaaay over the call of duty and I hope as a result of the interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Charles Blow and the other fella, it’s the last we see him. If this story didn’t involve a young 17 year old boy being shot dead and a justice system bent on burying the murder, I’d welcome the entertainment, but it’s time for him to crawl back under a stone and resume his medication.   Bye bye Joe….

Joe knows diddly

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