Is Trayvon Martin’s death being exploited by Hackney’s leftwing ideologists and socialists?

One of them is dead: An up-dated image of George Zimmerman and a younger Trayvon Martin

There are some people who can never let a good tragedy go to waste and will leech on, to suit their own means. Some already are doing brisk business from selling T-Shirts and buttons and some making political hay out of the murder of Trayvon Martin, which is why I am getting a rancid taste in my mouth about these lot here in Hackney. A few weeks ago Molly Mulready-Jones, a Hackney resident, perpetual angry Guardian letter writer, protester, avowed socialist and all round rebel rouser was Jew bashing, now she’s gone manic  trying to organise a vigil outside the town hall.

When I first began this blog post a few days ago, the vigil had just been announced and usual suspects like the Socialist Workers Party and Hackney Unite were all over it, giving it their support and pledging to be there. I was even more convinced this was going to be a left leaning get together and expressed this, when I exchanged a few tweets with a person who appeared to be the events head cheer leader, while she was on an on-line blitz, promoting the vigil. It  all sounded a bit disjointed.     

Asked why such a vigil for a boy so far away from London, when other black people are murdered violently or die in police custody?  I was told the vigil was also for Emmett Till  (who was murdered in 1955 in Mississippi). I believe It was based on these conversations that they decided to involve black organisations in the area, as I see that the Tottenham Gospel Choir will be at the vigil.  For good effect they have snagged a black Labour councillor, Michael Jones of New River ward.  With three members of the Mulready-Jones family sitting pretty as Labour councillors in Hackney,  it came as no surprise to me that they would all be outside the Town Hall on Wednesday evening.   

Listen, I’m as angry about  Trayvons murder as anyone else, because I have a nephew who is Trayvon’s age, colour and height, I have brothers too. Information was posted  on this blog two weeks ago urging people to contact all the relevant  local and federal authorities and I was tweeting about it around the same time. The fight for justice has become  bigger than Trayvon’s parents and lawyers thought it would. Mulready-Jones efforts would be laughable, if the circumstance surrounding Trayvon’s death wasn’t so damn tragic. However, Hackney, is a borough with it’s own share of immense problems, such as the disproportionate number of police stop and search of young black boys and men. The UK has police officers walking around free with blood on their hands, of people who have died while in their custody or supervision. 


Trayvon's parents: Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin

She told Britain’s only black paper The Voice On Line“There are lots of mothers in Hackney and this could be their reality one day. I hope that people will come to show love and supportat’s our way of standing together”.  Really???  Wonder if she offered “support” to the mothers of  Agnes Sina InakojuGodwin Lawson, Mark Duggan or any of the other mothers in Hackney who have lost their children to violence”.

It came as a surprise that Molly Mulready-Jones contacted me over the weekend about promoting the event on this blog.  I told her I would mention it but said I had reservations about her intentions. This was met with an incredulous “why would you say such a weird thing?” As instructed, I called  her hoping we could talk about it, but never had my phone call returned despite leaving a message on the number she gave, which just happened to be her husbands, Councillor Angus Mulready-Jones.  

I’ll be the first to a admit I’m not big on symbolic gestures such as these revolving around Trayvon killing. Thanks to social media and a new generation who view high profile deaths like Trayvon as a reason for an online soiree, with people knocking themselves stupid on hash tags over kill, mawkish meaningless statements and faux indignation and anger. RIP Face Book pages are set up at lightning speed for the sake of ‘likes’ and popularity. Messages of condolence appear in text talk, which I find disrespectful, but that’s how it rolls, and within a few weeks it becomes old news.

You can relax, the vigil in Hackney on Wednesday, is made up of a different breed, not your garden variety text talking, semi illiterate urban youths, but patronizing, smug, savvy, educated politically minded wannabe nonconformists, with an acute tendency to protest about their favorite causes. Once again this will be a chance for Molly Mulready-Jones, to shine in her own glory and engage in some back slapping with her cohorts.  None of this has anything to do with what happened in Sanford. It has become way too big to be ignored by the authorities and there have been some major  developments since I first wrote about it two weeks ago. The FBI are keeping a close eye and even President Obama has weighed in. Molly Mulready-Jones contribution says nothing.

There is an agenda behind this effort, Mulready delights in giving quotes to the media, while her children hold placards and pose for photos that will appear in local papers. A pro Palestine supporter, she recently showed very little tolerance of other cultures and religious beliefs, when she ingnited a brouhaha over the special arrangements made for Orthodox Jewish children at a local swimming club.  

It’s good to know I’m not on my own regarding meaningless gestures.  Yesterday, Philip Jackson wrote in the Voice On-Line 

The truth is that America is comfortable with young black men as symbols, being where they are in society, being like they are, hoodie and all, violence and all!

Addressing symbols is quite useful and practical when a society lacks the courage and integrity to deal with its disturbing realities.

America loves Black men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and even Trayvon Martin after they are dead.

It is the strong, vocal, positive Black men that they have trouble with while they are alive. If America continues on its present course, the symbols for Black men in America might change, but the realities will remain the same or become worse!

Although he speaks for America, it also translates well in the UK.  Last summers riots was a good example of this same symbolism, when society don”t have the answers or can’t deal with the truth. In Hackney and all over the UK, it was a middle age deshevilled woman yelling and berating on the streets, while thugs burned cars and looted shops.

They can have all the black rappers and performers outside the Town Hall, it still remains what it is.

If you wish to attend the vigil for Trayvon, It will be held outside Hackney Town Hall on Wednesday, 28th March at 6pm 


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