Hackney’s latest dog and pony show: Starring Pauline Pearce and Hackney Lib Dems


Reaching out: Pauline Pearce

Hackney just may get  it’s first  Xfactor style councillor in May. Roll up roll up, the Liberal Democrats dog and pony show, appearing on your estate, high streets, shops, markets, and old folks home between now and May 3.

Last Thursday, Hackney Lib Dems were in full self congratulatory mode and high fiving after announcing they had picked Pauline Pearce also known as ‘Hackney Heroine’,  to be their candidate for councillor for Hackney Central, in a by-election on May 3. The seat is up for grabs because of the resignation of Labour Councillor Allan Laing.

When I expressed my concern to a Hackney LibDem member  he responded with the tired old patronizing rhetoric: “I’m fed up of being represented by crusty white men with no ideas and I AM one! Pauline wants to change.”

Do they realise it’s not the “crusty white man” that worries me? Oh I see he’s ruse, but what scares me are those who pretend to be otherwise, when they are all after the same goal – Power, any which way.

Another LibDem, a Hackney Councillor quipped: “Pauline Pearce represents REAL PEOPLE”.  I want to know who are real people and who are make believe people? Conservative London Assembly member  and several times Hackney Mayoral candidate Andrew Boff, placed the glazed cherry on the cake when he responded with: “Pauline is lovely. She is also human and she cuddles well”. Phew!  At least he didn’t call her a Chocolate HobNob.

Boff has axes to grind with Hackney Council and I doubt he gives two hoots about Pearce or her abilities, as long as she can take away votes from party and council he despises. It’s personal and political with him. Just when I didn’t think all the platitudes couldn’t get any more mawkish, another LibDem commented “Pauline is a remarkable speaker (not just in a shouty rioty way), has a real vision for hackney and is a genuine liberal. She’ll be great”.

And there lies the all consuming question; What is Pauline Pearce’s vision for Hackney?  Every time she has been asked, her responses have being a series of inane phrases, mainly consisting of “putting guns and  knives down” “spreading more lov, lov lov” “looking out for each other” and even spreading more lov lov lov”. So much ‘lov’, you would think you were in a hippie commune in the Haight Ashbury.


Kissing up to Boris and shooting the breeze with Iain Duncan-Smith

Deconstructing Pauline Pearce

It’s hard to define her, what little views she has are all over the place and she flip flops, depending on who she is playing up to. I watched her for months hold court on social net works always in “Hackney Heroine mode”,  re posting links to every article written on her (and she’s still doing it)  constantly spreading more lov, posting YouTube music links from before most of her adoring fans were born, text talking (that drove me insane) and daily horoscopes.

She never made any political statements nor has she previously expressed interest in politics and frankly hasn’t even the simplest grasp of  elementary civics and government, but I’m sure she can learn on the job.

This gem of a quote to the Hackney Gazette last week left me dumbfounded “In Hackney the Lib Dems are out on the estates, while Labour is not. You have to book appointments at surgeries to see them – Hackney people don’t want formalities, we want realities”.

I’m assuming  she’s encouraging people to not wait for her official surgeries, preferring to carry out her councillor duties everytime a resident waylays her on the street or in her home. Have the LibDems guided her? This woman will reach burn out before she even begins. All this is in contrast to what she said just a few months ago, when she was complaining about local residents showing up at her door with problems ranging from parking tickets to church ladies looking to raise funds for their church.

I also wonder if the drug people from her past she “claimed” in an interview, four months ago are still a threat to her life and if she ever got that panic button installed. Soon after being secretly filmed by a Sunday tabloid, arranging a drug buy last November, she tried to talk her  explain her way out of it. The undercover snitch wanted crack but left with just weed, which to me is no big deal. What is a big deal is her trying to lie her way out of it after she was filmed.

What I want to know is how does a woman who claims she is too ill to work, manages to do as much getting around as she does?  Britains Got Talent, television stations, radio stations, conventions in Manchester, and now hitting the streets of Hackney? That’s a lot of work. But don’t worry your pretty little heads about that, let the LibDems edit and spin her resume.

When asked if her position as mascot an ‘advisor’ on the proposed ‘free school’ in Hackney wasn’t in contradiction to the LibDems vote in 2010 to oppose free schools, she replied: ” I am my own woman and I think I’m entitled to my own opinion”.

More recently and interestingly, she auditioned for Britains Got Talent,  and has qualified for the next  round. I’m assuming she’s discussed the logistics with her party, who I’m sure will  be thrilled with the exposure they’ll get through her. Hackney Liberal Democrats are playing to the lowest denominator by using the lowest denominator.

Listen I don’t care what she does, what bothers me is that she self appointed herself “a community worker speaking for the people of Hakney” and now with the blessing of a political party, is going to become another of those “community workers” I keep hearing of who do nothing but wax lyric and are more interested in self-publicity.

The late  George Carlin explains it as usual, in this stand up sketch. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND VULGAR GESTURES.

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