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Sean Young arrest: aaah still crazy after all these years

She has always been by far, one of my favorite slightly unhinged  but quirky Hollywood person so I wanted to know why her name was trending on Yahoo on Monday, afraid she’d died or something. Far from that, she was busy doing what Sean Young does best – causing a ruckus, this time at a post Oscar party in Hollywood last night (the Governors Ball, no less). According to TMZ, she was asked to leave because she didn’t have an invite to the ball. But she returned and when confronted again by a security guard, she allegedly let her hands do the talking when he tried to get her out . That’s when the security man made a citizen arrest and waited for the real cops to arrive, who arrested her and drove her off  to Hollywood sub station to be booked for misdemeanor battery.  Four hours later she was was released on bail and is seen talking way to much in the video, to a TMZ reporter  on her way out. I hope she kept her mouth shut on the drive to the poky, but I doubt it.

It’s a long way  from her glory days when she was one of tinsel towns in-demand, talented, hot actresses, starring in movies such as Blade Runner, Stripes, No Way Out and Wall Street. Now she’s reduced to gate crashing Hollywood events and standing near the entrance of oscar parties so she could grab ‘A’ list celebs, so she could be photographed with them and then post on her face book page, not that much different from what I use to do, but I was much younger back then, quite giddy and up for anything.

Gate Crashin’

Before her arrest she was stopping current ‘A’ listers like Brad & Ang, Michele Williams, Sandra Bullock and even former ‘A’ lister Nick Nolte, to pose for awkward looking photos on her phone camera, to post on her Facebook page. Must admit the photo with Nolte looked genuine,both she Nick were riding high at the same time, so there was history there. Is it just me or was she channeling Joan Crawford on Sunday night? The fur stole and hairdo looked sort of old school Hollywood.

Sean Young isn’t quite ready to give Hollywood up and insists on going to these events (it’s not just this years Oscars), when it’s obvious she is not wanted. Along the way, she burned several bridges in Hollywood with her shenanigans and bad decisions. It wasn’t always her fault, but the Hollywood boys club is very unforgiving when dealing with “highly strung gals” who don’t fit into the mould.  I got to witness from quite close up, when she threw an epic wobbler one afternoon at a restaurant in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, circa 1992. where a friend and I were having a late lunch. Noticing Young was getting ready to leave, I figured it was my chance to approach her for an autograph, something I rarely did then and don’t do now, but I believe this time, my courage came from the bottle. Someone else beat me to it but blew it for both of us because she brought up something about the crazy incident  with ex boyfriend, actor James Wood. Young tore the woman a new one, it was of epic proportion and I walked to my table – backwards.

Sean Young and James Wood had a hot thing going on while they were filming the boost., but when he dumped her to go back to his fiance things got very ugly between them. I don’t think Hollywood has seen anything disturbing as these two.  Ok there was OJ, but that involved murder. People gives a much better insight into what happened than I ever could.

Sean Young and Kevin Costner in 1987 political thriller; No Way Out

So what has Sean Young been up to since the 1990’s? She moved to Arizona, got married, has become a momma to 2 boys and has since made numerous attempts to rekindle her acting career. She was rejected by Dancing With the Stars, Americas equivalent to our Strictly Dancing and In 2007 told Entertainment Weekly after not making the cut for a show, just about every nonentity is able to make: “They picked the lady with the one leg over me” referring to Heather Mills..

She did make it on to MTV’s Celebrity Re-hab though,  a rather silly move for someone trying to rekindle her acting career and known for her erratic behaviour. In fact I can’t think of one person who has been on it, who has revived their career. Hell, Jeff Conway died after his appearance.

All her more recent movies have gone straight to video, there has been a reaccuring role in a day time soap opera. A regular at film festivals circuits, she’s still part of  the creative community, but not where she wants to be; in the thick of it. Who knows, this latest hoopla will introduce her to a whole new audience, who will seek out her old movies, which could be a positive turn for her acting career. I sincerely hope so. If Charlie Sheen can abuse drugs and alcohol, his wives, girl friends, call girls, women in his harem and still be paid top $, why can’t, Sean Young still have a career with all her issues?  She’s a woman and plays by her own rules.

Who can forget the stunt she pulled when she sashayed onto studio grounds during pre-production of Batman Returns  dressed as Cat Woman, a part she was desperate for but never got.  Thank heavens for You Tube, where I found her appearance on The Joan Rivers Show in her Cat Woman outfit, pleading her case and I must say, making a lot of sense.

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