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The Sabouters: Starring George the tasered-shot man in Forest Hill, Met Police, IPCC and media

The Police, IPCC and gutter press would prefer if we thought George was  a black dangerous gangster

UPDATE 29/2/12 Police arrested ‘George’ yesterday. They deemed him fit enough to be arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of 3 police constables. possession of offensive weapons, criminal damage relating to a private vehicle and a police vehicle

Has the Met Police and IPCC cocked up again? It’s hard to tell, but the curious case of  the young man known as George who was tasered then shot five times by the police a week ago in Forest Hill, leaves me with that sinking feeling again. 

When news broke of the incident last Sunday morning, it appeared to be ‘overkill’, but I gave the Met Police benefit of the doubt because I really want to believe they are the good guys.    Thanks to the Evening Standard ‘s Kiran Randhawa, a whole ‘nother picture is emerging and even more questions. Yes yes yes, I know, it’s too early to start the accusations, but digest this for a minute.  Soon after the incident, word was “several knives” where found and just about every news outlet was reporting it as a “police spokesperson” fact. The press release from Scotland Yard didn’t state anything about knives found at the scene, so just who is the police spokesperson? George’s family want to know too. More worrying is although he has not been arrested, he is under 24 hr police surveillance and people visiting him in hospital are being subjected to scrutiny by the police. His cousin Joanna said:  “They [police] have demanded the name, address and telephone number of every visitor attending the unit for George, including the details of the parish priest”.   Remember when I blogged about the culture of  police villyfing  black men in the UK,  involved in police deaths? Luckily this wasn’t a death by police , but I see that old tactic again rising it’s ugly head. I included the following quote from the Institute of Race Relations:

On examining deaths that have occurred over the years involving members of the African-Caribbean community in particular, it becomes clear that, in the immediate aftermath of death, information is placed in the public domain, citing unnamed police sources, which casts doubt on the character of the deceased, tending to frame him as a violent and dangerous black criminal. This information is released long before any investigation, post-mortem or inquest has been carried out. The victim is said to be a habitual drug user, a drug dealer, someone with a violent past etc, all of which not only pre-judges the victim but also provides vindication for police action such as a stop, a search or use of force or particular restraint techniques. In this way, the media and the police create a particular framework for dealing with incidents involving the police and the African-Caribbean community, one in which extreme force against black criminality is seen as a necessary evil.

The fact he was deliberately labled ‘Ghanaian’ was a clumsy and stupid way of confirming he was black, in fact I am amazed the IPCC had the AUDACITY to bring up his origins, considering he was born in Britain!!!! All this led to people assuming he was an immigrant and soon he was being  refered to as “crazy” or “crazed gunman” by news outlets then as “crazy George”, by the public who began leaving vile and racist comments on news web sites (even this here my lil ole blog).  Last week Tuesday,  a public meeting was called by the Met and IPCC to assure residents a full investigation was underway and brief them as best as they could.  But according to a  report in the East London Lines a  local resident in attendance said:  “The police are scared – you can see it on their faces.”  There is still very little known about George whose only published photo (released by his family on Friday), is of a smiling, happy, proud young black man, replesent in his graduation garb and holding tight to his new hard earned diploma.  The usual suspects must be gutted that they were not able to get their grubby hands on something more ‘menacing’ as they did  with Mark  Duggan’s photo, where his fingers was used as a gun symbol.  Oh yeah, they imploded in their panties with that one. As I mentioned in my original post last week, what if all he was trying to do was get into his own car, it happens all the time, lock their keys in their cars. I don’t know what happened, but I wish George a good recovery and hope his injuries are not life changing.  Heaven knows what we will be told next by the authorities. Last Friday’s Evening Standard’s interview 

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