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Barnet have-a-go-hero is former Hackney Gazette reporter Alex Wellman

On a day we hear of how emergency service employees stood by and watched a man drown because of health and safety protocol , I’m happy to say there are still hero’s willing to stick their neck out .

If you read the Hackney Gazette you would have come across his bylines before he departed the Gazette last Autumn. I have never met Alex Wellman, but I hope to at some point, in the mean time we occassionally enjoy a natter on Twitter. Yesterday while waiting at a bus stop near Barnet Church, on his way to his GP he heard a distressed woman yelling, that her purse containing £500 had been snatched.

Being the type of fella he is, Alex gave chase and the younger female mugger , threw it down.  In his own words: “I Chased the thieving cow down & she threw the money. She got away which I’m gutted about, but I got the lady’s money back.”

Being a former Chief Reporter in Hackney,  Wellman has seen it all, so I’m not  sure if he would have done the same thing had it been a big ole strapping fella.  Regardless, he saved the day and a shaken but relieved senior citizen got her £500 back.

Wellman is the current  Deputy Web Editor for Inside Housing Magazine.

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Pssst Alex….drink lots of water and make sure you have a container nearby.  All this will pass 😉

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