Man in early 20’s tasered and shot in Forest Hill by police

Over kill? At first sight it appears that way, but it’s a little early to play blame games, still I find it interesting that the IPCC has already put it out, he is of Ghanaian origin. I guess ‘black man’ is a little too raw to enter into a statement, considering they are still working out who did what to who, when and how at the Mark Duggan shooting. 

Police say they were called to Elsinore Road in SE23 at about 5:40 am yesterday morning (Sunday, round about the time 5 men were being shot here in Hackney), after a member of the public reported seeing him attempting to break into a car. 

According to Scotland Yard :

Local officers attended and attempted to approach the man who then threatened them with a large bladed weapon.

The officers retreated and called for further units to assist including firearms officers. The man then approached officers on Stanstead Road threatening them with the weapon.

Firearms officers attended the scene, and both taser and firearms were used which resulted in the man receiving gunshot wounds”.

He remains in critical but stable condition at Kings College Hospital and according to the IPCC, his family where taken to the hospital to be with him.

That’s the official account at the moment and they are sticking to it, but I wonder if he was trying to get into his own car and being even more of a devils advocate, if wonder if the fella threatened them with a weapon. But to tase and then shoot him, with so many officers present on the scene to apprehend him? Some times tasing doesn’t work and you also have to be closer to the suspect, than you would have to be if you had a gun. Getting too close could have endangered officers if as they say he was armed with a “large bladed weapon”.

At least he didn’t end up dead like Mark Duggan. It also appears they learned something out of Duggans badly handled family and community interaction in the early aftermath of his shooting death. This time Met Police are meeting with concerned community members to make them aware of the facts.  


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