Nice body shame about the face

Beautifully flawed in Dalston Photo: @joeryie

Snow finally arrived in Hackney last night. A little later than I wanted it to, but all the same very welcome by me, and from the squealing sounds of children playing in the snow on either sides of my home this morning, they too. Oh and my dogs were over joyed too, evident from the victory laps they made around the back yard when I first let them out.
Not wanting to to be caught short,  I stocked up on Friday afternoon with no plans to leave my home for the weekend. As you may have gathered, my appreciation of snow is limited to a few minutes of snow fighting, adding a carrot to a snowmans face and looking through the windows from the comfort of my home.  
The one thing I forgot to get? Wood for a wood burning stove I yet have to use. My almost picture perfect winter weekend at home.

Snow patrol in Stamford Hill. Locals help police Photo: @shomrimlondon

I still wonder why this country comes to a stand still and why chaos reigns, whenever we get a little bitty snow.  Exhibition A: Photo above. Even a Police patrol car got stuck just down the road from me and had to be pushed by locals. Met never heard of tyre chains?  I also hear buses along Graham Road got stuck or broke down.  Shame all around. For goodness sake London, get it your phooking act together.

If the weather continues this way I just may have to find wood some time this week…any recommendations of places?


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