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RSPCA do NOT protect animals, they KILL them

Trapped dog under a shed? No problem leave him out in the cold for 48 hrs and he’ll crawl out himself.

I am soooo fuming right now over an incident this morning, an emergency that involved my 6 year old Jack Russell, who somehow managed to escape into a neighbours back yard and then into another. So he was two houses down.

While my fences are all up including 3 brand new panels just a month new, there appears to be a small gap to the right where he went through. He and my other two were running around in our back-yard (it’s quite massive by Hackney standards). The other two soon came in but he remained out. After a few minutes of yelling, my new neighbour came to my door and I was out like a light and into her back yard.

RSPCA wanted me left 48 hours outside under a garden shed in a hole I was stuck in. The Duchess is spitting nails and cussing worse than a drunken sailor.  I’m getting kisses every other minute from her, so what do I care about all the fuss.

The little rascal had got himself wedged into a hole under a garden shed at the bottom of their garden and I found her husband on his belly on the cold ground trying to coax the wee fella out, while having to hear his wails. My neighbour even used a shovel to dig a hole but Deefer, was lodged half-way across below the shed, in a hole they believe foxes normally occupy.

After almost an hour of tempting him with roast chicken and his favorite rope ball, hoping he’d grab on to it so we could pull him out, I decided to call the Fire Service. My neighbours suggested the RSPCA, but I told them, we would be waiting for hours. The fire service said they would show up if instructed by the RSPCA, so I called and dealt with a less than enthusiastic call centre zombie, who told me my Deef hadn’t been down there long enough to warrant a call out by an RSPCA officer.  She tried to assure me he would come out eventually and just make sure I brought food to him at his regular feeding hours. I was gob smacked, but the pièce de résistance? To wait 48 hours and call back if he wasn’t out. I think I asked her how she expected me to leave my dog outside in zero degree weather (as it will be tonight).  Regardless of the weather I would never leave any animal trapped.

I had my cell phone on speaker phone so the others were listening and they were just as incredulous as I was. I hung up and called London Fire Service and repeated my conversation with the RSPCA. The fire crew were at the door in 5 minutres, and were very gracious as usual. Within 15 minutes we had Deefer out.

Are these people for real? They really expected me to leave him trapped in a hole he could not move around in? I wouldn’t do that to a human being, so how do they expect me to allow a furry a member of my family to remain in such a horrible state?

It was just purely by accident my neighbours heard his anguished yelps, as they were getting ready to leave for a weekend in the Shires with their family, for their belated Christmas get together. They’d come down with some type of a cold bug and were all ill over Christmas. So not only did I inconvenience them I set them back 2 hours, I felt guilty about calling the Fire Service, to spring my  little rascal out of a fox hole.

The RSPCA? They will be hearing from me on Monday.

By the way, it’s not my first run in with this mob and they are the one animal charity I have always been weary of.

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