So that’s why all the gridlock in Hackney today



Negotiations over, suicidal man safe

In case you are wondering why Hackney was gridlocked today, it’s because some poor fella was threatening to jump off a bridge over the A12 in Leytonstone. The stretch from the Green Man roundabout to the Lea interchange was closed in both directions for about 4 hours, while police and the rest of the crew negotiated with him. Even though the  police were able to change his mind about jumping at around 5 pm, the A12 and all surrounding routes was backed up and it’s still gridlock in Hackney (7:20pm)

All afternoon I had been hearing of A12 shut down on radio traffic reports and when I finally left home at 4pm Amhurst Park Road, Stamford Hill all the way to Haggerston was jam packed. By the time I hopped on to the 149 to Ridley Market for a few items, it was like a parking lot and heading back home was a nightmare through Stoke Newington High Street and Stamford Hill. The lady I sat next to told me Church Street was just as bad.

Tributes to Wendy Maguire at footbridge she fell from

Actually I’m not surprised someone tried to jump over the bridge, because just a few weeks ago, 16 year old Wendy Maguire who attended a school in Redbridge I am very familiar with, fell to her death from one of the bridges along  the A12 in Leytonstone. I thought it was a matter of time before someone tried it.   

Appears that they chose today. Hope it all works out for the person. Life sucks sometimes, but it ain’t all that bad.

Speaking of persons falling over bridges, I think it’s time the Highway Agency did something about securing these footbridges with high fences, following the spat of attempted murders we have had, with people throwing rocks at passing cars recently.  Approximately 30 or so have been along the A12 corridor, although I believe a bit further up in Essex proper.

In 2006 while driving along the A406 in Barking, I had to swerve after seeing two youths about to  throw a massive log over a footbridge between the A13 and the Barking exit. I could see the log throuh my rare view mirror as I drove away very shaken.

Save us from these turds who hurl things over and save the troubled from themselves.

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