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Iain Dale’s slappergate: Hold your britches people, LBC’s Steve Allen did something similar to me

I never understand women who allow themselves to get horribly inebriated in public, especially when they have to travel on their own. It’s not only down right unedifying, but dangerous. Imagine all the possibilities from sexual assault to falling on to a railway track.

The almighty sanctimonious Iain Dale

Yet the inebriated woman sharing a train carriage with Margaret Thatcher hero worshiper, blogger, commentator and LBC radio presenter Iain Dale, on his way home to Tunbridge Wells, had to suffer further indignity of being publicly labeled a “slapper”, all over the internet by a well known media figure. That along with Dale trying to back track/peddle and double speak by explaining is what I find pathetic. Here is his explanation

And now to the use of the word ‘slapper’. Where I come from in Essex it’s not a word which by definition means a woman of loose sexual morals. Indeed it can mean that, but most people I know also use it in a different sense too. According to the Oxford English Dictionary its roots lie in the East End and derive from the Yiddish word Shlepper. According to the OED it means unkempt, scruffy person; gossipy, dowdy. And anyone looking at the picture would have to agree that she confirmed to that description. I pointed this out but my detractors preferred the definition from the Urban Dictionary (whatever that is) which equates it to slut and slag. Clearly the Oxford English Dictionary isn’t good enough for them. It’s a word I use quite a lot in various contexts. I even greeted a male MP with the phrase “hello you old slapper”, the other day.

Oh puleeze, really Iain, Somethings are best left unsaid. Trying to justify yourself makes you look more of a muppet.

Julia Kite said it best:

That may be the etymology, but we Jews don’t use the word to make a blanket statement about women!

Just admit it Iain, you cocked up slightly last night, we all do at some point, so no biggie, it will all die down in the next 48 hours and I doubt you will have to even address it by the time you are on air at 7pm Monday. The photo was no big deal since she is unidentifiable.

On a more personal note, I had another LBC presenter do something similar to me, two years ago. You may not be aware, but when you call into any of LBC’s radio shows, your name and number is retained, along with what you talked about. Some time before, there was a discussion on Escorts, on another presenters show. I called in and made my views known, mentioning that I ran an escort service for almost 15 years in Los Angeles, Austin/San Antonio/ Dallas, Texas and New Orleans.

A legend in his own mind

Months later, listening to Steve Allen‘s show nearly one morning, he appeared disgusted about a young white girl snogging (that’s kissing to you non Brits) a black boy on a bus in London. I responded via text asking him what colour had to do with it. He would never had mentioned a caucasian boys colour.

He responded on air by bringing up the fact that I was a hooker who had ran an escort service in Southern California, which made me unqualified to comment about anything. He also gave out my real middle name name (which most people don’t know anyway) and an assumed name I had used when I called to discuss various subjects on different shows (not his).

Not one to suffer fools gladly and also being a bit of a gobby bint, I emailed him back telling him what an insecure aging, balding old queen he was (nothing he doesn’t say about other people) and received a text from he and his office staff saying “See you next Tuesday”. An attempt to bring up my former business.

He then went on to make vied threats to me about bullying, taking legal actions against me, suggesting I was homophobic and even having me arrested. All this while calling me a bully, when in fact Steve Allen is the biggest bully. He made the threats over 2 segments of the show and the only reason he didn’t go on longer about it was because there was a big fire in Old Street, that was breaking news.

If you are not aware of Steve Allan, he is the epitome of mediocrity in broadcasting. I Imagine the majority of his listeners are an older crowd, who suffer and can sympathies with his various medical ailments which include diabetes and a past heart attack.  He yaks continualy about his strange eating habits, his Twickneham neighbourhood, the hanging baskets on his balcony and other monotonous subjects, infused with continuous nasty jibes and obsession with certain Z list celebs.

This is the response I received from Jonathan Richards, former Programme Director of LBC News.


Dear ********

I am extremely concerned by your complaint. I have already started an investigation and have interviewed his producer. I shall be speaking formally to Steve to discuss the matter at the earliest possible opportunity. I wish to apologise for any offence caused.

Jonathan Richards
Programme Director LBC News 1152 & LBC 97.3
Group Head of News Global Radio

Followed by:

Dear *******

I have now completed my investigations. As a result we are updating our internal systems to ensure a repeat of this cannot occur, in addition I have formally spoken to Mr Allen and reminded him of his responsibilities. The way Mr Allen is produced has also been changed. I have also offered internal guidance to all my presenters. As per my original reply, I once again apologise for any offense caused.

Kind regards,


So far I notice no mainstream media has picked on Iain Dale’s “Slappergate” to report. I can only asume that is because air time on his show for journalist, politicians and wannabes is premium. He is the last person you want to piss off.

Looky here, I guess the old adage of no honour amongst thieves, also applies to journalists and politicians as well as all those inbetween.


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