A violent bloody end to the year and a gruesome New Year in London

Aaron McKoy

It’s been a grim and depressing week here in London and other parts of the country, one killing after the other.  So much so, that between work and festive pleasures I almost missed reports on a murder in Clerkenwell on New Years Eve night.

What really sucks about the killing of Aaron McKoy is that not only was he shot in the early hours of New Years day, but also on his 22nd birthday. Police say he may have been in an altercation with someone in Clerkenwell House Wine Bar in Hatton Wall, EC1 earlier.

At about 4.10 am, there were reports of a shooting in Portpool Lane, where Aaron was found with gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Yesterday police announced they had arrested a 22 year-old man in connection with their investigation. They released another man they had arrested earlier.

His cousin Yolanda, who lives in Hackney, describes him as “gentle”. in a Twitter message she said:  “Reminiscing in the days when we were young, Lee was the trouble son, u were the soft one, heart full of love. Aaron Mckoy R.I.P 1990-2012 [sic]”

She told me Aaron grew up in Hackney and her aunt (Aaron’s mother) was finding it hard, but that she is staying strong. Yolanda described her aunt Yvonne as a “strong woman” and added, Aaron’s dad was holding up. It was Lee, Aaron’s twin brother she was worried about. “Imagine, his birthday will always be a horrible reminder of his brother” she said.

20 year old new mum Kirsty Treloar

Then right  here in Hackney another heart breaking news day on the second day of the year. Kirsty Treloar only got to be a mum to her baby for a month. Just after 7:00 am neighbours heard breaking glass, followed by what they said sounded like a young girl pleading for mercy, as she was dragged out of the house on Brownlow Road, in Haggerston, followed by screeching car tyres.

Kirsty and her brother Dean

90 minutes later police found her body in a Fiat Stilo in Ryder Mews, a tiny alley off Homerton High Road. She had been stabbed.

Back at the house her 20 year old brother Dean and 24 year old sister Gemma, had been stabbed and were taken to a hospital. Lucky for them they are stable, Gemma’s injury’s were minor. Kirsy’s baby girl was unharmed but taken away to a hospital for protection.

From the moment I heard of the incident, I thought “domestic and most likely former boyfriend and even possibly the baby daddy”. I just maybe right.

I called the Met Police press office who were unable to tell me why they had not released the name of the perp or his photo.  I’m going to be not far from Brownlow Road later today and could walk past him. Oh well, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

My thoughts are especially with the baby who will never know her mother.

Happy New Year everyone.

Forensic Officers at Ryder Mews

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