Breaking: Body found maybe that of Tosin Oyelowo

Tosin Oyelowo


A coroner has positively identified the body found on Sullivan’s Island last Wednesday, as that of Tosin Oyelowo. Deputy Coroner Kimberly Rhoton also confirmed Tosin died of injuries she sustained in her leap from the bridge.

The Oyelowo family may have a small sense of closure if a body washed up on Sullivans Island, South Carolina, is identfied as that of missing 25 year-old first year pharmarcy resident and Nigerian native, Tosin Oyelowo.

According to several reports, a body was first spotted at around 2pm Wednesday afternoon by Earl Bridges and his son Chipper, residents of Sullivan’s Island, a town in Charleston County, South Carolina, who notified police.

Authorities have been searching Cooper River since December 9, after witnesses first reported a woman seen jumping over the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. Personal belongings including a purse and drivers license belonging to Oyelowo was found at the summit of the bridge, while her car was discovered parked nearby.

From where I sit, it sounds like this could be Tosin Oyelowo’s body, but it needs to be confirmed by the coroners office. But this hasn’t stopped the Nigerian online community from posing false and sometimes downright bizarre reports. I’m just hoping the coroners office isn’t closed for xmas.








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