Jackie’s Eva Hoeke resigns over Rihanna controversy

I don’t care for Rihanna and never have. Her music does nothing for me and other than Umbrella, I couldn’t name her tunes. I however took a passing interest in the furor that ignited yesterday, after Dutch glossy magazine – Jackie referred to her as a nigga bitch.

It now appears the Editor-in-Chief  of Jackie, Eva Hoeke has now resigned

Even then I found myself not getting my knickers in a twist over this particular “racial slur”, because as I explained in yesterdays post, It comes down to a wannabe hip/edgy writer’s profound ignorance and the thin line between hiphop culture slang, being lost in translation.

This is the English translation of the press release:

Eva Hoeke Quits as Editor-in-Chief of Jackie

Following a recent publication in Jackie magazine, issue 49, a worldwide outcry arose over an article on page 45 entitled “De Niggabitch”, which refers to Rihanna and her style of dress. This word is used in America as slang.

Throughout the various social media there has been an emotional response to this choice of words, as published in Jackie. As a first reaction to this editor-in-chief Eva Hoeke said via Twitter that the choice of words was meant as a joke and offered an apology to anyone who felt offended. This reaction cause further consternation, as Hoeke herself also referred to the term elsewhere in the magazine. In a second reaction through Twitter, Hoeke came to the following conclusion: ‘1. Don’t publish bad jokes in the magazine 2. Don’t pretend as if a bad joke is good. Sorry guys. My bad.’ The response on social media now took on an international character. In a third reaction Hoeke even offered to rectify in the next issue of Jackie. This morning Rihanna response on the article through Twitter. She was furious over the use of the word ‘niggabitch’ and ended her message with ‘Fuck you Eva’. Through social media Hoeke was taunted and threatened in various ways.

Following these events she consulted with publisher Yves Gijrath of GMG. Together they came to the following joint conclusion:  In the interest of Jackie Magazine and all involved she will leave her function as editor-in-chief effective immediately. Hoeke gives the following comment:

I realize that my first reaction through Twitter, in which I indicated that it was a joke, has been an incomplete description of what me, and also the author of the article, meant. The term ‘niggabitch’ came from America and we solely used it to describe a style of dress. Because of the enormous pressure through social media I was tempted to promise amendment regarding the language in future issues of Jackie. Apart from that I also offered an rectification. I have now come to the conclusion that rectification is not the right solution. I regret that I have taken a stand too quickly regarding an article in Jackie — which moreover had no racial motive at its basis. Through the course of events, me and the publisher have concluded that because my credibility is now affected, it is better for all parties if I quit my function as editor-in-chief effective immediately. After putting my heart and soul into for Jackie for eight years, I realize that these errors — although not intented maliciously — are enough reason for leaving.”

Publisher Yves Gijrath regrets the state of affairs and praises Hoeke’s attitude, who primarily chooses for the credibility of the title, which – as she realizes herself – would have been damaged had she stayed. According to Gijrath there’s no doubt about the intentions and qualities of Eva Hoeke, however he does think this joint decision is the correct one. Hoeke concludes:

“I should have counted to ten before taking unnuanced stands through social media channels. Through this my credibility has been hurt and that neither fits the role of an editor-in-chief, nor Jackie Magazine. Jackie Magazine will invite Rihanna to share her feelings and thoughts on the article in the next issue.

While many are calling for everything short of execution, I find myself sitting back with hands folded thinking “Much ado about nothing”. Calling women of substance such as Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfery or even our local MP Diane Abbott a “niggabitch”, would have resonated more with me but in the context of what the author was attempting to write and if you consider Rihanna’s personal and stage persona, it doesn’t sound so foreign or even offensive.

In fact I wasn’t surprised to see many of Rihannas fans getting more bent out of shape over the magazine calling Rihanna a Jamaican instead of a Bajan. Yes, that’s how it rolls with Rihanna fans.

Listen, people throw around the word “bitch” like there is no tomorrow it’s become a somewhat acceptable term, when referencing a woman with attitude. It’s also a female dog. I have two bitches.

The N word? What can I say, again it is quite acceptable in some circles to use it, but more offensive when a white person uses it. So you get up in arms about some dumb misguided white broad, but not at music executives and rappers?

Anyway they have invited Rihanna to share her thoughts on the matter in next months issue…..Rihanna is getting what she wants, more publicity.

It’s four days to xmas and I have more important things to worry about.

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