WARNING TO PERPS: Do not mess with Stoke Newington’s J Parsons Butchers

Head butting kick ass butcher Beanie.

Who could forget the Turkish and Kurdish shopkeepers stand off against looters and rioters, along Kingsland High Road and Stoke Newington High Street during last Augusts riots.

Aided by other members of the Turkish community, they loudly chased off several attempts by gangs of youths with sticks and any heavy objects they could find, including broken pool cues. Some times things got violent.

Last Saturday afternoon,some thieves got a taste of Stoke Newington shopkeepers justice, after a couple of lads grabbed ready packaged meat and chicken, that was on display outside the J Parsons Butchers, also known as the Cookery. It was particularly daring of the fools as there was the usual long que snaked outside the shop and around the display table.

I didn’t witness the actual snatch, but happened upon the commotion, round about the time two butchers chased the meat snatchers as far as the Rochester Castle pub, where one of them had ducked into, only to be dragged out by the scruff of the neck.

What I didn’t expect to see was Beanie, the always cheerful older gentleman headbutting one of the thieves, while he had him pinned against the exterior wall of the pub. While the head butt made me flinch, Beanie didn’t miss a beat as he yelled at the frightened and very shaken thief. Beeing an older guy and slightly built, I was nervous for him, but soon realised it was the thief I should have feared for.

The commotion made me wonder, just how much of their stuff is stolen from outside the shop, something I never thought of, but as Stoke Newington resident Debora Roberts put it, “Those guys work so hard too – last thing they need is profit-busting toerags.”

Which reminds me of another defiant business in Hackney. I remember stopping off at Wells Butchers in Well Street Market (yes love my meat) 🙂 on the second day of the August riots. While other shops and even Tesco metro battened down their hatches, the guys at W. Wells Butchers told me “business as usual” as they sharpened their knives.



The display the meat snatchers helped themselves from, is now guarded at all times.




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