IPCC: Met Police didn’t kill Smiley Culture…he killed himself (or the boogeyman did)

Don't you know I'm the law and I can get away with it.

JUST BREAKING and I don’t have time to blog, but it appears the investigation into the death of Smiley Culture is done and dusted. Well, as far as the IPCC is concerned.

They just issued the following statement this morning:


29 November 2011
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has concluded the investigation in to the death of David Emmanuel, also known as Smiley Culture.

Mr Emmanuel died on 15 March 2011 of a single stab wound through the heart at his home on Hillbury Road in Warlingham, Surrey. Four Metropolitan Police Officers were at the house at the time, carrying out a search of the property.

The IPCC investigated the actions of the individual officers, as well as the planning of the operation as a whole.

IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin has reviewed the final investigation report to ensure it has met the Terms of Reference he set out at the start of the investigation. When considering the investigation findings, the Commissioner has not only looked at the actions of the individual officers, but also at the role of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) generally.
After careful consideration and in consultation with lawyers from both the IPCC and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the Commissioner has taken the decision not to formally refer the report to the CPS as the investigation has found no evidence that a criminal offence may have been committed.

Consideration was also given to whether the actions of individual officers met the threshold for misconduct under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2008. The investigation has found there were no individual failings which, for the purposes of the Regulations, amounted to misconduct.

However, the IPCC investigation did raise concerns about several areas of the operation, which included operational planning and risk management.  A separate report detailing the learning identified by the IPCC investigation is being sent to the MPS so that they can consider its recommendations and respond to the IPCC with actions for implementing learning where required.

The investigation report into Mr Emmanuel’s death has been sent to HM Coroner to begin preparation for the inquest. The Coroner has already stated the inquest in to Mr Emmanuel’s death will be held with a jury and will not take place before the conclusion of the criminal trials to which Mr Emmanuel was allegedly linked. These two trials are scheduled to be heard in early 2012. The IPCC intends to publish its investigation report when all proceedings are concluded.

Mike Franklin said: “This has been a difficult process for all those involved in this case and I would like to thank everyone for their patience. Our investigation is now complete and all the evidence we have gathered has been passed to HM Coroner who is liaising directly with Mr Emmanuel’s family. I hope that arrangements can now begin for the inquest – which will be the opportunity for all the evidence to be heard, and tested, in public.”

Be very afraid people. This confirms police in Britain can kill people with impunity and receive immunity.

Let’s chat about this when I have more time this evening.


So who killed Smiley?

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