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My semi obligatory not quite obituary: Andrea True Connection RIP


I only learned this morning from Vicky Gallas aka The Accused Madam who often comments on this blog, that Andrea True connection died on the 7th November at a Kingston, New York hospital, aged only 68.

Ironically we had a little natter about her last month on her blog after I saw a You Tube video on her site, of Andrea singing More More More, her popular 1976 disco hit.

Andrea Worked for me in the early 90’s back in Los Angeles. She wasn’t quite what I was looking for, she seemed  desperate and I got the impression she needed to make money fast, but in the world of paid companionship, there is a type for everyone, so I decided to meet her.

I remember driving to meet her from where I lived in the San Fernando Valley, to Hollywood and picked her up outside  her apartment not far from Hollywood Boulevard. For some reason we ended up  driving back to the San Fernando Valley and had lunch at Mel’s Diner in Encino.

Although I didn’t recognise her, I was aware of her hit song, but not of her porn career, which she mentioned. Long story short she didn’t work with me for long, we parted ways and some time later I found out she either had every intention of passing on my information to LAPD Administrative Vice or already had.

A mutual friend of ours found personal details about me, in Andrea’s belongings while she was helping her move apartments. The sheet of paper included my description, the registration plates on my car, the fact that I was British and the name of all my ads in the Los Angeles Yellow Pages (this was before websites).

Andrea could have saved herself a lot of bother as Administrative Vice were already aware of me, and had been so for years. In fact they knew of me well before I returned to Los Angeles, after first opening shop in New Orleans and spending a year there. I parted ways with the crescent city after I agreed to a plea bargain with the DA, in my lawyers office. I agree to have my phone lines (I had 5 of them) terminated and plead to a lesser charge. Yes, Pandering, which is the procurement of a person for sex in exchange of money, is a big deal in all US states, a  felony punishable by a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence. Mind you this is the same state where giving a blow job is a felony on the statutes. It’s called: “a crime against nature“.

The DA was a nice fella who didn’t think I belonged in a Louisiana prison, the judge, who coincidentally I met at a crayfish broil party a few weeks before he sentenced me to 6 month suspended prison sentence and a $250 fine, agreed. The head of vice in the New Orleans Police Dept wasn’t so charming, and told me to get out of town telling me, he would “give me hell”. To be more exact ;  “I’ll be darned if some nigger is gonna pimp a white woman’s ass”.

LAPD Vice were alerted to my arrival in the city not by the NOPD, but by a particular statewide task force based in Iowa (of all places), that was investigating the use of credit cards by clients to pay for escort services but that’s a whole other chapter for another blog post. I doubt if Andrea could have provided them with any information they didn’t already  have on me.

According to her long time friend Louise Marsello, Andrea’s cause of death was heart failure.

RIP Andrea I guess I won’t be seeing the $500 you owed me.

That is my bio on her.

This is what the New York Times has to say:

In a 2002 interview for a VH1 documentary, she described the unlikely events that led to the making of “More, More, More.” Preparing to return to New York after recording a commercial in Jamaica in 1976, she found that a government ban on asset transfers barred her from taking her earnings home. (The ban was a response to United States sanctions imposed on Jamaica after the election of Michael Manley, a Castro sympathizer.)

Unable to leave with her cash, Ms. True hit on the idea of investing it in a studio demonstration record of a song she made up. The Jamaican authorities let her take it home to New York, where friends in the record industry helped her develop the idea into “More, More, More,” which was released by Buddah Records.

The song produced royalties for Ms. True throughout her life, most recently as the soundtrack for a TV commercial for Honey Bunches of Oats cereal.

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