Hackney’s not so heroine? Farah Damji should know


She even described Boris as her favorite person, something no self respecting Black person would do

Y’all remember Pauline Pearce? You know the woman who was shamelessly patronised by just about every political party, but particularly the conservatives after she gave the rioters in Hackney, a piece of her mind while cars were being set ablaze and shops were being looted in Hackney.  Dubbed the “Hackney Heroine” by the press and social media, the sista got seriously stitched up recently by someone she knew from way back, when she was allegedly selling dope.

A national tabloid (I had no idea People ass wipe newspaper was still being published) secretly filmed her arranging a cannabis deal in her home, while she talked about her new found “fame”.  She’s also seen and heard talking about the rising cost of crack and the headache that selling it brings to dealers. These days, Pearce says she sticks to “weed”, which she admitted she smokes for medical reasons.

No sooner the video of her bellowing out to rioters went viral, she became a “sensation” on and off line, but I never saw Pauline Pearce as extra-ordinary, something I made clear to her handler, Natasha Courtenay-Smith, at  Talk To The Press.

Natasha was promoting Pauline’s Twitter Q&A session sometime in August, when I asked her what all the fuss was about, she seemed incredulous to my question and why not, she makes a living out of selling peoples lurid and low brow stories to the press. You know the type of stories you find in those trashy magazines you find in supermarket check-outs.


Why I don’t think her defying rioters was all that? Pearce is a middle aged black woman, a mother or big sister figure in her neighbourhood, you really think anybody would have dared mess with her? I don’t think so. All the rioters wanted that night was to burn and loot.

She just said what most of us were thinking, but  in an age where people are easily duped by the hype that infests social networks, people couldn’t get enough and were giddy with excitement. Personally I wanted to scream every time someone re-tweeted the link to the you tube video. But that’s twitter for you – inane bull-shite and even more inane platitudes.

Farah Damji

Although the story went pretty much un-noticed, one person who jumped on it was none other than ex-convict, crack head, benefit cheat and all round international fraudster Farah Damji . These days Damji claims to be “Reformed reconstituted reconstructed. Bit like Spam.” I’d say she’s right about being every bit like spam – cheap and nasty.

It wasn’t very long before Damji began sending abusive and even racist tweets to Pearce. In one tweet she called for Pearce to have her citizenship revoked and to “send home the shegro.” Shegro being slang for “negro”.

Does Farah Damji realise that Pauline Pearce was born in Britain, unlike Damji who is of Indian parentage, was born in Uganda and came to Britain after Idi Amin began kicking Asians out of Uganda in the 70’s.

Damji on the other hand has done her tour of duty of prisons in the USA and Britain. She served  6 months in New York’s Rikers Island for grand larceny and forgery and has had several run-ins with the law here in the UK which ended in a three year prison sentence. She later absconded and was on the lam for 5 days, until the law caught up with her. You have to admire her though, she blogged and taunted during her time on the lam. I haven’t heard Pearce calling for Damji to have her citizinship revoked and be sent back home.

Damji didn’t stop at calling Pearce a  “shegro” she went a step further and called her a “fat drug dealing bitch”. This sort of abuse is nothing new to Damji who sent very abusive emails to a journalist who wrote a review of her book  “Try Me” and asked for the review to be taken off the Hackney Hive site. Amongst her choice words for Kaite Welsh the review writer, was “fat lesbian rugmunchingbitch”.  I think we can safely assume Farah damji doesn’t like fat black or gay people.

The folks over at People didn’t get the story they wanted, instead they got a pretty lame deal that didn’t get the attention they thought it would. In fact I was unaware of it until a few days ago.

Could be because the same zombies who were creamin’ their panties with excitement over the video and annoited her the best thing since slice bread, felt too stupid to comment. And the press? Not a word from them There again what’s the harm in a little weed eh?

You can see the story and video in People

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