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Bow Roundabout claims another cyclist life and I still think cycling in London is madness


Accidents like this one in Middleton Road, De Beauvoir, last May, seem to be happening too often in London.

UPDATE Tuesday 15 November

Police have not named the cyclist, however they are saying she is a Ukraine national. Post-mortem will be carried out today at Poplar mortuary.

Yet again another cyclist life has been lost on a London highway, this time in Bow, East London. In fact  yesterdays fatality is the second in three weeks at the Bow flyover, a roundabout I sometimes find daunting even as a driver.

Police say that at about 4:45 pm yesterday (Friday 11 November) a 34 yr-old female cyclist  and a tipper truck collided as they travelled west on High Street E3, when they both moved on from the traffic lights at the roundabout. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. He has since been bailed to appear on December 7. It’s still early into the investigation so we don’t know who’s to blame, but all the same a tragedy for her friends and family. For the  tipper truck driver, a trauma, that I can’t begin to imagine.

I don’t know about you, but I take my life into my hands whenever I drive my car and I’m not going to push my chances of not coming home by cycling – as much as I enjoy it.

I love cycling and before I relocated back to London some years ago, was a regular cyclist and mountain biker. I rode along the beach boardwalk weekly, rode up and down country lanes and even canyons.

However, I find navigating the streets of my borough either by foot or car can be a daunting experience especially during rush hour traffic and I have had my share of near misses. Usually the fault of the cyclist although I take blame a few times, but sometimes it’s not easy and is very stressful having to look out for cyclists, who sometimes appear from nowhere.

Judging from my drive through Hackney last night, which took me from Clapton to Victoria Park and back, I’m surprised there are not more fatalities.  There were cyclists in dark clothing, some without reflector lights on their bikes, one actually talking on his cell phone and yes several not stopping at traffic lights. Yet there is no recourse when they damage your vehicle.

Listen up people, all the cycle superhighways or provisions for cyclists will not eradicate these incidents. London streets are too small, and will only become more congested with the sad consequence being there will only be more of these types of fatalities. Push pedal is just no match for a motor engine, but if you guys insist, maybe it’s time TFL implemented license plates for cyclists, to make y’all accountable. Non?

A simplistic view I know, but it’s as simple as that and cyclists need to take all this into consideration, before they start crying foul at TFL and Boris Johnson whenever a fatality occurs.

In the mean time if any of you witnessed what happened, give the Road Death Investigative unit in Chadwell Heath a holla on 020 8597 4874.


UPDATE: rode the bike twice and sold it.

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