The Adams Family public carnival: Daughter Claims Judge is addicted to pain killers

Are you ready for an attitude adjustment Judge Adams? Bend over and take it like the grown judge that you are.

What do you do with a girl like Hillary, she just will not shut up. Someone earlier today described it as “running with scissors”. If any of you missed Hillary and Hallie Adams interviews with NBC’s Matt Lauer and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, you didn’t miss anything. All the action is over on her Twitter feed. Both anchor men were not able to get out of her, what Internet trolls and the curious like me have been able to.

It’s makes for entertaining reading if you want to be a voyeur into an almighty dysfunctional family’s very public spat on line….Move over Jerry Springer, here comes the people up on the hill.

Although both mother and daughter admitted to Matt Lauer that daddy Adams had an addiction, neither were  prepared to say at the time, what the addiction was, but Hillary admitted in a tweet this morning that it is pain killers the honorable judge is fond of. In fact his choice of drugs is probably closer to Michael Jackson’s than Keith Richard’s. In a response to a follower she tweeted:

He used painkillers, morphine, and even fentanyl lollipops, which are supposed to only be for the terminally ill.

That’s a helluva revelation if it’s true, but is Twitter the place for her to make this kind of a statement?

When asked how often he used and if he did illegal street drugs, Hillary responded:

No idea, that was something that happened before I was sentient as far as I know

So how can she accuse him of something she’s not sure about? Is mummy feeding her stories?

As one would imagine, the video she released has attracted crack pots and degenerates by the thousands who have interrupted daily business at the court house. Through emails, faxes, phone calls and letters (many of  them threatening and abusive) they have also interrupted daily business at the local sheriffs department.

The local Pizza Hut and Dominoes have received calls with pizza orders to his home and the judges favorite Chinese restaurant has been inundated with orders to his home address, where he hot footed from, last week.

This morning, a group of about 30 people from a face book page in support of her, protested outside the Aransas County Court at Law.

Still she continues to hold court on the internet via Twitter and seems to be revelling in her new found “fame” as a champion of child abusers, proclaiming she’s going to use her new found fame to make the world a better place. Looking at her behaviour on line, champion of abusers she ain’t, more an immature clueless woman who called her fathers bluff after he withdrew his financial support and took back her Mercedes Benz.

And if you had any doubt about her intentions, here is what she thinks:

I still say you’re not famous until someone stops you in public. Hasn’t happened yet, I can still run around unnoticed!

It’s also occurred to me that by posting her fathers address and cell phone number on line, her act was more of vengeance than a call for help for her father. And now her constant posts on social networks makes she and her mother look troubled. I don’t know if to blame their behaviour on the alleged abuse they claim they suffered or just a reflection of their true personalities.

One can’t absolve Judge Adams of his behaviour we saw on the video, but so far that is the only indication of his crime.  In fact he seems to have shown more dignity in this whole mess by issuing a statement and laying low, while Hillary and now her mummy have taken to blabbing to the curious, freaks, enablers and just about anyone who will listen to them. So immersed in all the attention she seems unable to filter out the crazies and degenerates, as in the case of one who questioned her several times about her father spanking her bare bottomed as a child and even after the questions became sexually charged, she continued responding to him.

There is also her views on bestiality, paedophilia, prostitution and drugs. Was her racist views.  Ya think she learned from daddy?

Again I reiterate the judge needs to go and his past rulings looked at, but most of all, this woman and her mother needs to shut the hell up and deal with their issues in private.

Oh and I was right when I predicted Dr Phil or Dr Drew were her next stop . She was in LA today, to tape a segment with Dr Phil which will be aired on the 9th.

**Since I wrote this, I have changed my views on William Adams. I feel he should be allowed to remain on the bench, but maybe removed from his position in Family law, but I fear his career may have already been destroyed by the same person who claims she wants to help him.

I hope the the judiciary will see this unique case for what it really, an angry daughter hell bent on revenge and now revelling in her 15 minutes of infamy.


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