Pumpkin carving, wine sippin’ and show tunes – Happy Halloween!

Ruff Ruff

Hi Everyone, I’m Deefer one of the Duchess hounds and I pretty much call the shots amongst the others. It feels odd calling her “duchess”, but I guess that’s what y’all know know her as.

Yesterday evening found The Duchess busy pumpkin carving with two of her buddies, Conrad and Sharona although it’s a shame we won’t be seeing any of them around here. She says the pumpkins will attract little cretins children and she doesn’t want them knocking the door all evening long.  She can be quite grumpy for a champion pumkin carver :),  she’s carved at least 10 (for other people) this week and did a wicked decoration lay out at our aunties her sisters house.

But I found more disturbing was all three of them screeching (you can’t call it singing) to one of the Duchesses favorite musicals – Pal Joey. You have no idea how many times she’s watched it, especially her all time favorite scene, when Rita Hayworth does that little routine – you should see the Duchess attempt to copy her. Shame I couldn’t video her, you would piss  fall over laughing…she really thinks she’s that good. Lucky for her the other dogs love it and yip and yap with excitement like the fools they are.

Any way better close her lap top and go for a pee, scratch and sniff around in the back yard.

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