Police: Stuart Walker faced indecency charges on a minor

Could this be the reason why Stuart was killed? My mum thinks it could be. Me? I’m keeping an open mind. I did find the manner he was killed a little OTT and based on something a homicide cop told me years ago, figured it was someone he knew. What did he tell me? If I posted it I’d be accused of being homophobic, so I’ll keep shut about that theory.

Strathclyde Police said a report had been sent to the procurator fiscal (for you yanks  Americans that’s the DA’s office)  in August, after Mr Walker was accused of indecency involving a 12-year-old boy.  However they say there is nothing to suggest there is a connection.

The case was still being investigated until his murder, but has now been closed.

You know what, even if they did think there was a connection, they wouldn’t be putting it out to the public right now, but do you think they are trying to unrattle the killers? Or do you think they released that bit of information before it came out?

Regardless, I hope they find Stuart’s killers soon.

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