What’s not to remember about me?

My ego took a bit  of a bruising last week from someone I contacted via Facebook.  In life we all hope we leave lasting impressions on those we meet along the way, but last week proved  maybe my legendary status may only be in my mind. 🙂

Me forgettable? So it seems, but I take comfort that I was a teenager still at school, not quite a wall flower, but not one to make loud statements. Still, you expect people to remember you without much prompting, at  least I do, don’t you?

A little back ground.  EJ (that’s what I’ll call him) and I first met when I was 15, living in Lagos. A year later I relocated back to London. He did the same a few years later for college. I remember all he ever wanted to be was a pilot. His father who died when he was young boy was one, and anyone who knew EJ, knew all he thought or spoke of, was flying.

We both lived in Hackney, he in Dalston me in London Fields and we hung out some, knew some of the same people and partied the length and breath of London.  At some point he moved to the USA to further his education and we lost touch. His unusual combination of names and his love of flying made it easy to find him on Face book.  Intellius told me where he lived and what age he was. There was no doubt it was him, so I sent off the first message.

The first response I received confirmed his middle name, something not in his Facebook profile, but he wanted to know more about me. Waaaat he didn’t know who I was? My next response was three Facebook lines long and his response was; “still can’t put a face to the name, but can you call me ?” He included his cell phone number.  What a nerve, he wants me to call him?

I responded with “I’ll call you at some point”.  Since then I have received two more Facebook messages and a friend request, which I have not accepted.  Seems like he remembers me now and claims he has photo’s of me.

His friend request has not been accepted yet, as I wonder if it really is him. With all these 419 Nigerian scams, I don’t know if someone is impersonating him. Why? His Facebook doesn’t look legit.  Of his 202 “friends” only 10 are male. The rests are a combination of very young Filipino girls and young women from other parts of the world. There’s one that claims she is at University  but doesn’t look a day over 14.  Who know’s she may be a gifted child.

Then there is the Guyanese gal going to college in Brooklyn who has over 4,000 “friends”. You think? I even find his writing style is similar to scam email senders.

But even more unusual is that all his updates on his wall, are You Tube links of fighter jets. 100’s of them. It all seems like the work of a school boy fantasist and not a bona-fide US Special Forces pilot, besides do those guys have open Facebook pages for all to see? I don’t think so.

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