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The big break-in and high jinks at Bexar county courthouse, San Antonio Texas

Sombrero gavel waving terrorists


By the way Bexar is pronounced “behar”.

San Antonio Texas isn’t what you would describe as nondescript nor can it be described as a world-class city, but don’t tell that to its natives.  I learned that the hard way, when some fellow Brits and Aussie friends and I were at a bar near the River Walk some years ago.

A chatty proud inebriated Texan was giving us an oral tour of his beloved city, when he asked us if we had been to the Alamo yet,  I told him I had been living in San Antonio for nearly 6 months at the time, and the Alamo was one of the places I had visited.

One of my friends, a loud and also inebriated Yorkshire fella assured him that while the Alamo may have historical significance for Texans, compared to what we had in the UK, it was a relatively new structure. Brian (my friend) told the Texan, he remembered the Alamo most, for being the building Ozzy Osbourne peed against while dressed in his wife’s dress. Cut a long story short, my friends and I made a quick exit soon after to avoid a bar brawl as the chatty Texan’s friends had to hold him back. You don’t mess with Texas or a Texan.

The San Antonio 5.  Click to enlarge

So it came as no surprise when I read a few days ago, the good folks of San Antonio were all jumpy after a break-in at the historical court building in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Word originally was that it was terror related, as the “perps” were “arab” looking. Some headlines even screamed out “muslims”.

ICE and the FBI Joint Terrorist Force were brought in and for some, it looked like San Antonio was going to be making national headline news for something other than The Spurs.  Police closed downtown streets and tactical units combed the building for explosives. Authorities also searched the nearby convention center where dozens of top U.S. intelligence officials were attending a conference, including Michael Vickers, the undersecretary of defense intelligence

We were told that five French nationals of Moroccan descent in their mid 20’s had been taken into custody, after they entered the building by climbing a fire escape and then entering through a fourth floor window. surveillance tapes show two of them wandering through a hallway wearing Sombrero’s, believed to have been taken from a storage closet belonging to the Bar Association.  No idea if it’s the Texas or San Antonio Bar. A cold bottle of beer was found in one of the court rooms.

They were also seen having fun with a gavel, which they swiped from a Judges bench. The fun lasted about 30 minutes before they left the building, only to be met by the waiting law.

What we learned was that after flying in to JFK via Heathrow and entering the USA on September 10th on a 90 day visa, they rented a RV from an outlet in New Jersey, plonking down $10,000. It was a decent one that came with a shower and mod-cons.

After embarking on a cross-country odyssey that included New York and Miami, they found themselves in San Antonio, were they embarked on what most tourists do along the River Walk;  having fun.  Prior to the break-in they had been at a popular watering hole called Ugly Coyote.

It wasn’t long before journalists were quoting “anonymous police sources” who claimed photos were found in the RV of various landmarks, including courthouses and dams.  Authorities however never confirmed it, and it now appears to be a bunch of young guys having a ball after a night of drinking. They probably didn’t know where they were.

As of yesterday (Thursday)Three have been released while the two brothers Hichan Ajjaid, 25 and Mehdi Ajjaid, 21,  who entered the landmark building, are still in custody, hence the related charges of burglary of a building with intent to commit a theft and criminal mischief between $50 and $500.  No comment on how much the sombrero and gavel cost.

As you would expect from Americans, some aren’t buying it and some are convinced of a Mossad connection. Most likely the same twits who still believe Barak Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. You can read the conspiracy comment here

In case you didn’t know, there are 3 military bases in San Antonio and it is 147 miles (237 Km) from Fort Hood in Killeen. It is also second to Washington DC, for military and government cyber security.

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