Haters gonna hate in Hackney

They smile in your face when all the time they want to take your place.

Not being the most erudite in the dog pound, I had no idea what Schadenfreude meant and only became aware of the word  after seeing Avenue Q. It’s German for “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others”.

Not so nice is when you know people want to see you fail and will do anything to see it happens.  It’s something I experienced often while I was in the adult business, while running an escort service and also being the owner of several adult websites.

An undercover cop in LA once told me, Administrative Vice had received several anonymous tip offs about my business. The one that didn’t surprise me was the not so anonymous tip-off, that came from someone who use to be a close friend. After one arrest I was told someone had signed an affidavit stating I had told them I would be getting out of dodge, if it looked like I would lose at trial.

I had not spoken to this person for 18 months and would never had said that to her, but I immediately knew it was her. My  friends  were not convinced, they thought it was a person I had recently befriended. They were wrong. When my lawyer received a copy of  the police complaint… sure enough it was her name on it.  She must have needed to save her ass real badly to turn informant.

Knowing all this I couldn’t help but smile, when I received an email that had undoubtedly been sent to other bloggers and Hackney news sites.

Appears there were no takers, as I haven’t read anything negative yet about this particular regular pop up event. If anything I have heard good things about the food.

Maybe the person was right, but that’s up to Hackney Council to investigate, as it is something that has crossed my mind about pop up eateries.

I’m leaning towards the person is just a bitch, maybe a competitor.

Here is the email:


a while ago, I and a friend got severe food poisoning at a “restaurant” in Hackney. Apparently they are operating illegally – cash only – with no food licence, music licence, entertainment licence or any kind of training whatsoever and are serving food to the public. I have complained about them before to Hackney Council and they are not doing anything about it. I have complained to the Health and Safety, Environmental Health and even the Entertainment Section of the Council and had little or no response.

I’d like to know what you think about it – maybe a lot of other people are suffering food poisoning too?

Please don’t tell me contact Hackney Council – I have, and they did nothing.

Here are the details:

You can read all about it and even book a table through their xxxxxx

I couldn’t find an audible video of the actual Avenue Q performance, but a rather shakey version can be found on You Tube. This version is brilliant though! 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGrHW3XJFY0]

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