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Omaima Nelson my former prison acquaintance denied parole. Surprise surprise

Parole Board: You’re staying put

Omaima Nelson the woman who killed, chopped, ground, cooked and ate William Nelson, her husband, is going nowhere soon.  Despite her telling the board she is a born again christian (who isn’t in prison) she was denied parole at a hearing at Central California Women’s Facility (my Alma Marta) in Chowchilla.

Chowchilla is a small non-descript town north-west of Fresno, famous for the audacious kidnapping of a bus load of school children, way back in 1976.

On Tuesday I blogged about meeting her in the early 90’s when I did an 18 month stretch at CCWF at Chowchilla. We were never bosom buddies, but nodded, fast walked around the track and small talked.

Present at the hearing was William Nelson’s 35-year-old daughter Margaret, as well as one of the original prosecutors at her trial, District Attorney Randy Pawloski.  According to the LA Times, Margaret Nelson looked directly at the two commissioners present when she said: “I don’t know the adequate punishment for a murderer who doesn’t even leave a family a body to mourn over. But I do know you don’t let her out.”

Get me outta here, you gotta believe me I’m a changed woman.

Orange County Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Randolph J. Pawloski described the crime scene as “literally a house of horrors. To enter in and see Mr. Nelson’s head in the freezer … his pelvic region thrown in bags with turkey, stuffing and the traditional accouterments.”

Demonstrating to the board how she struggled with William Nelson.

During the hearing she denied eating her husband, although she was convicted for it.

“What was your purpose in cooking him?” asked Commissioner Cynthia Fritz.

Nelson declined to answer.

“I am sorry for dismembering him,” she said.

Sadly for her, even her example of her “redemption” didn’t wash with the parole board.  She pointed to the conjugal visits she had with a fella in his 70’s she married in prison.

“We had three-day conjugal visits. There were knives in the kitchen. He never felt threatened or endangered in any way. I loved him so much.”

The fella is now dead (she had nothing to do with it) so he wasn’t on hand to speak of his experience with her. Frankly he was probably only to happy to bang a compliant gal. Most men who seek out women in prison, especially those convicted of heinous crimes are a little creepy…. You would be surprised at the amount of birds in prison who pull sugar daddies and husbands while locked up. I must be doing something wrong.

In any case, her behaviour behind bars hasn’t been exemplary and she has chalked up a bunch of  infractions, although her last one was in 2006. Records show she has had fights with inmates, battered a staffer, hidden contraband, stole, argued and “not being in compliance with grooming standards.” No way!

She also shows little remorse for her crime and had a history of being violence with past boy friends. Before she killed Bill Nelson, she was convicted of tying up and beating up a former boyfriend at gun point.  Other convictions included hit and run, driving under the influence, shoplifting and driving without a license.  She won’t be eligible for parole for another 15 years.

Exhibit A: Her letters of support

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