She chopped, cooked and ate her husbands body parts

Omaima at her 1992 court trial

I couldn’t remember her name, but the moment I saw the story in the LA Times today, I knew she was the same person I met in a California women’s prison in the early 90′s.

She’s coming up for parole tomorrow and what would usually be local Southern California news has taken on a whole life of its own, all over the country and internationally.

Funny how rumours spread, but for a long time I believed she chopped up his body and drove around for days, with his body in the trunk. I didn’t follow the case closely and didn’t know the full details. Turns out it was even more gruesome.

Omaima Aree Nelson immigrated to the USA in 1986.  She claimed she was a model in Egypt, something she confirmed when I met her, although at barely 5ft, I wonder what type of modeling it was.  She never spoke about her crime and I never asked.  I learned in prison you don’t ask  lifers about their crimes, unless they share it with you.

Omaima Nelson with William Nelson

Thanksgiving weekend of  1991, something snapped in her and it wasn’t a turkey bone. She killed William Nelson then proceeded to chop up  his body, and according to The Daily Pilot:  Nelson cooked her husband’s head on the stove, skinned his torso, fried his hands in oil and planned to leave his skull in the Back Bay of apartment building.

Nelson then drove garbage bags filled with the body parts to various ex-boyfriends, asking them to help dispose of the evidence and offering $75,000 for help. She was arrested Dec. 2, 1991, after police found trash bags containing human body parts in the couple’s Eastside apartment and in William Nelson’s Corvette.

Neighbors at the time said the garbage disposal was on for “a long time” and “constant chopping sounds” were coming from the home.

Omaima Nelson - nude party girl back in the day. *I found this photo on the internet and looks like it may be photo shopped*

In court, a psychiatrist testified that Nelson put on red shoes, a red hat and red lipstick before spending hours chopping up her husband’s body.

Nelson at one point admitted to dipping part of his body in barbecue sauce and tasting him — something she is now in “complete denial of.” Presumably because the state doesn’t grant parole to cannibals. Her defense back then was that she was abused by her husband and had also suffered abuse by  her father and brother. She even claimed she had undergone female circumcision in Egypt.

A more recent California Department of Corrections issued photo.

She was a loner so we were not the best of pals but a few times we fast walked around the track, usually trying to cover at least 3 miles.

I doubt she’ll be fast walking out of prison any time soon and I anticipate her parole appeal will be turned down.

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