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Britney Spears, guns and gushing people in Stoke Newington and Dalston

Blah blah blah

I began noticing twitter posts about Britney Sprears being spotted in Stoke Newington over the weekend and took no notice, such is the easily excitable state of  Hackney residents.

Next came  talk of her running around with a gun. By then I had chalked it up to nit twits getting excited about nothing. You have to remember Stoke Newingtonians will claim to anything  they think gives ’em an edge over anything, person or place. And if you don’t belive me ask them about Edgar Allan Poe.

Well I was wrong and they were right, Britney Spears was indeed brandishing a hand gun around Stoke Newington and Dalston but not as a result of another meltdown but for a video to her latest single “Criminal”. They gushed so much about her, that even the Hackney Gazette got excited and Evening Standard columnist and occasional shill for Stokey NIMBY causes, Richard Godwin, mentioned her drive by appearance in his hood. I hate to think what they would do if they lived in LA. Probably crap themselves.

None of them saw fit to question why this lame bint chose our already troubled borough for her latest gun tooting video.  Such is the allure of celebrities – major or minor. The Hackney Gazette implored people who may have seen her to contact them.

And what of Britney?  Little is heard of her these days, unless you belong to her fan club. Since she had a few babies, I guess all that school girl in short skirt and pigtails set up, doesn’t give grown men the boner anymore…she’s been t.rying to make a come back since her much publicized break down

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to music, Britney doesn’t even come close to registering on my radar. Just another interchangeable blonde who has had her moment. I just wish she had brandished her gun somewhere in LA.

Melt down mode

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