Smiley Culture: Police say they didn’t kill him

Will Smiley Culture's killer/s get away with murder?

I can’t say for certain what happened the morning in March when police went to Smiley Cultures house to arrest him. What we all know is that 48 year-old Smiley (real name David Emanuel) died a short time after from a single stab wound in to his heart, in the kitchen of his home.

Last Friday it looked like the officers who executed the warrant at his Warlingham, Surrey home are unlikely to face criminal charges, disciplinary action or be officially questioned, even though the IPCC acknowledges that the operation was not carried out satisfactorily.

This comes as no surprise as I have come to believe that the police in the UK  are able to kill and lie with impunity. Time after time people have died at the hands of police or while in their custody, with no officers held to account. And they wonder why there is so much hostility and mistrust towards them?

On 15th March, four officers arrive at his home to conduct a search for evidence of drug trafficking he was alleged to be involved in. He had been arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine and was due to go on trial later that month.

His Warlingham Surrey home

Why they were at his home so near to his trial is unclear, I don’t know if it was a new complaint or because they needed additional evidence. We are then led to believe that an hour and a half after arriving at his home, he was allowed to wander into his kitchen to make himself a cup of tea. It’s unclear if he was also making tea for any of the officers. While in the kitchen, he took a knife plunged it into his heart and as he bled to death, the officers decided to handcuff him in order to control him.

Even more incredulous, no finger prints were found on the knife, leading people to believe it was wiped clean, obviously not by Smiley.  It just doesn’t add up.

The fact that the officer who was in the kitchen at the time of the ‘stabbing’ refused a direct request by the IPCC’s lead investigator to give a formal interview, speaks volumes as does treating the officers as witnesses and not suspects. As witnesses, police officers are not compelled to be interviewed about what they have seen. Which means they will not be formally interviewed.

I find it hard to believe that a man who was compliant throughout the search would suddenly decide to stab himself at the end of a search.

Kingsley Burrell Brown - hours before he died.

And they have been other suspicious deaths while in police custody this year. Two weeks after Smiley died, another black man Kingsley Burrell , 29, in Birmingham died after he called the police to  protect he and his five year-old son  from some menacing people, instead he was sectioned and placed in a mental health unit at Mary Seacole Hospital, where he alleged he had been beaten by officers en route. His son saw it happen. Three days later he was transferred to another hospital and arrived there in critical condition and was placed on life support.  The next day he died.

In May, Demetre Fraser from South London, died while Birmingham police officers were at the flat he was staying at. They claim he committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor. Demetre had nothing to fear as the person who filed the complaint had withdrawn it and he was just waiting for CPS to formally withdraw.

Kingsley Burrell and Fraser Demetre’s suspicious deaths in police custody have hardly made the news. BBC regional mentioned it as did the Birmingham Mail, but it’s the Voice and activist Lee Jasper who has kept their deaths in the news.  Strange eh? The usual suspects can’t wait to tell you how evil and out of control black men are, they’ll have the faces of criminals on their front page in a heart beat, but covering the deaths of blacks in custody and they are silent.

Have these clowns not learned anything from last months riots or do they think we will keep accepting their versions, behind every death in custody? Mark Duggan had his chest blown out and we were told he shot at officers. We were also led to believe he was a ruthless gangster, only to find out he never shot at them. The trigger happy officers killed him then tried to smear him and cover up the incident. Was he a known criminal? I don’t know and even if he was, does it give the met police the right to blow him away?

People can only take so much and in the current climate I fear we could see more violence on the streets of the UK. While I don’t condone the looting and violence that erupted last month, I can bet there were boys and men who let their rage out for the many times they have been stopped, searched and humiliated by the police. I know the feeling and have experienced the rage and feel it’s just unfortunate the opportunists and criminals took it out on the community they lived in, wrecking so many lives and businesses.

Prairie justice may be the only answer and the UK just may see its river of blood on the streets, if cops keep getting away with murders.  Why prairie justice? Seems to me it’s what made them pay attention. As long as blacks were stabbing and shooting each other, it was someone elses problem.  Not so when bins down the road from their homes were being set alight and when they couldn’t get from the train station to their front door, without coming in contact with a rioter.

Now they all have something to say about something and people they don’t have a clue about.

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