Met Police shoot-out in Stoke Newington?

I read yesterday morning that police shot at car tyres on Tuesday, along a  busy Stoke Newington Street.  I guess I was so caught up in my own police drama that I missed it during the week. But is there something else I’m missing?

This is what appeared originally on Tuesday:

An eyewitness told the Gazette that police fired at the driver’s tyres to bring his car to a standstill so they could apprehend him in Green Lanes, near the junction with Burma Road, at about 10am.

A Hackney Police spokesman said the incident was part of an operation by Islington Police and he confirmed shots were fired by officers.

One man has been arrested.

Three days later it now reads:

Armed police working with officers from Operation Trident – the Met’s unit for gun crime in the black community – fired special Hatton bullets at the car’s tyres to bring it to a standstill in Green Lanes, near the junction with Burma Road, at about 10am.

Resident Louis Amore, 39, told the Gazette: “I heard an incredible amount of screaming and shouting – I instantly knew something was happening outside.

“I ran to the window and saw about eight armed police officers shouting and pointing their guns at this car.

“Then I saw one of the officers open fire on the car. I didn’t know what had just happened – I thought the man in the car had been shot.”

In fact, the car’s tyres had been blown to prevent the driver getting away after he failed to stop.

Firearms officers used Hatton rounds, which are often fired at locked doors to destroy deadbolts, because although still dangerous, they are less risky than traditional bullets as they travel at slightly slower speeds and are not as prone to ricocheting off their targets.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Trident officers investigating the murder of Wayne Stockdale in Bow in May have arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of murder. He is in custody.

“Trident officers were assisted by specialist firearms officers. Hatton rounds were used to safely disable the vehicle. No one was injured.”

The suspect has now been bailerd to return in November pending further inquiries.

I’m confused. Was the person whose tyres they shot at, Wayne Stockdales suspected killer? Is he still in custody or has he been bailed?

Oh well at least no one died this time.

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