Two new cuties in Stoke Newington

Brother & sister - Ollie & Rocky

Parkers Pet Shop on Stoke Newington High Road, is my favorite pet supply shop in Hackney. Why?  They don’t sell animals like a lot of other stores do nor do they have ads for stud services. They also stock a wide range and my favorite dog food by Burns.

I have found some of their stock cheaper than Pet’s at home and even the internet. They also happen to be very helpful.

A few months ago their resident cat died, actually she had to be put to sleep. But it wasn’t long before the pitter patter and purrs returned to number 147 Stoke Newington High Road, when 2 kittens were given to them by a customer.

Both can usually be found on the counter. Rocky has his favorite box he sleeps in on the counter and Ollie  loves the scales 🙂

I'm Rocky...King of my domain

Ollie's favorite place

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