Segregation in Clapton Common new play area?

Segregating children in Hackney playgrounds?

I’m looking at the photos on Hackney Hive of the new playground on Clapton Common/ Stamford Hill, and between the photos and what I’ve seen driving by, I don’t know what to make of it.

The photo’s sent out by Hackney Council PR show exclusively Orthodox children at the official opening of the play area, and when I drove by last Sunday, it looked like the Orthodox Jewish community were having a helluva party there (not sure if it was the official opening). Driving past yesterday, I noticed 2 different groups of children in the two areas. One was Jews and the other non Jews.  All this was observed from a car going 30 mph, so I ought to probably mosey on down there for a closer look, even though what I saw was unmistakable.

Admittedly a Jewish group had a lot to do with securing the funding and input. Zeldy Frankel who set up The Clapton Common User Group is an employee of Interlink Foundation, a Stamford Hill based Orthodox Jewish Foundation, that supports Orthodox Jewish voluntary organisations with advice, training, consultancy and information.

Recently I was told that a little Jewish boy in the play area of Stoke Newington Common, was verbally attacked by other young children who used anti-Semitic language.

I have always found the exclusiveness of the local Orthodox Jews in Hackney a little uncomfortable, but realise it’s something that will never change. Having separate areas in an outdoor facility is a whole ‘nother issue.

Am I jumping the gun? I hope I’m wrong, but maybe someone who uses the play area can enlighten me.

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