Eff off feminazi’s: Hysteria, Bunnies, Playboy and Hefner

Oooh what big ears you have. last weeks launch in London.

The new Playboy Club in London is having its gala opening tonight, and the usual suspect feminazi’s who see women as perpetual victims are getting bent out of shape over the return of the club to London and plan to make their voices heard. I doubt Hugh Hefner and the staff including the bunnies give a rats ass  about the protest, when the usual suspects will be victimizing women all over again with their tired old hysterical rhetoric.

But hey, it’s a chance for them to get free air time and publicity so they can send tweets and brag about being interviewed or what show they’ll be popping up in. They get to see their names in the press and be in the spotlight for a nano second. Some 20 somethings will have a bit of a rave and think they have achieved something and when it’s all done, they’ll go off to a pub for drinks and back patting…until the next big “cause”.

They refuse to accept that a woman with a clear and rational mind can make the decision to use her body how she sees fit while making a profit and feeling good about herself. She doesn’t feel ashamed, objectified nor exploited. In fact by their constant victimizing of women all they do is to further stigmatize those that choose adult work.

Unfortunately for feminists and other busy bodies, their point of reference is usually limited to old tired beliefs, movies and inaccurate and misguided surveys. Either that or they can’t separate their own sexual abuse thereby confusing safe, consenting and pleasurable adult entertainment with their own unfortunate experiences. Here is what UK Feminista have to say:

“When it comes to today’s pornography industry, all roads lead back to Playboy. It was Hugh Hefner who laid the political and cultural groundwork for the brutal, violently misogynistic pornography that now floods society. But sadly for Hefner, you can’t trademark sexism, and Playboy’s retro brand of ‘gentleman’s porn’ can no longer compete with the extreme degradation of modern internet pornography. Hence we see this endless diversification into nightclubs, video games, clothing and even children’s stationary”.

There is no denying that the whole Playboy bunny gig is to entertain and titillate men and that Hefner has made his fortune off commercial tits and ass. But  groups like Object and UKFeminista, would like you to believe Hugh Hefner is a pimp controlling and exploiting vulnerable women in his brothel. They’d have you believe he is responsible for the worlds violent porn, even though Hefner is no more culpable than Simon Cowell or producers of reality TV shows are, in their unhealthy influence on attaining fame at any cost.

Hefner doesn’t escape lightly. He has a lot to answer for, especially in the early days when female employees had to undergo a physical including a smear test before they got the job. He’s no different from other corporations (sans the gynecological exam), but the world has evolved since then (well for most part).

Listen, we got the vote,  got the pill, we have laws that protect our rights and far from us still being owned by our fathers and husbands, we can take the bastard to the cleaners in a divorce.

Sometimes I feel that these sort of groups and individuals won’t be happy until women also have a penis. STOP THE HYSTERIA!

Like it or not one way or the other, sex is a commodity and for me there are more challenging things in life than getting hysterical over some guy that eye balls me or wolf whistles. It doesn’t objectify me, it doesn’t stop me from being what I want to be and it certainly doesn’t traumatize me. I’m way too strong so are other women although you would like us to think otherwise.

Protesting gals - Kat Banyard and Anna van Heeswijk from the group - Object

A new bunny line-up

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