Randon acts of honesty (and kindness)

No, these are not my new buddies in Upper Clapton - just a generic photo.

Just as I begin to despair about my neighborhood, my faith is restored in mankind or to be precise, mankind in Hackney.

Yesterday, I had plans of dropping off a little pug who has been with me for just over a week, as her 2 legged family were away on vacation.  I had arranged a meeting a block away from their Bloomsbury home (which was convenient) and thought I’d snoop around the newly refurbished St Pancras Hotel after my meeting. You have to admit the Victorian gothic landmark is a stunning looking building.

It wasn’t until I was on the no. 30 passing Dalston Lane that I realised I’d left my phone at the Upper Clapton news agents, I stopped at to top up my Oyster card. Deciding to carry on with my journey, I hoped it would still be there when I returned.

I dropped Luna the pug off at Handel Street and hot footed it to Tavistock Street for a 30 minute meeting. Forgoing, The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, I jumped on a train to Highbury and Islington and took the overland to Hackney central, hoping on a 254 for the last leg of my trip.

They had my phone and you couldn’t find a more relieved person. Even more surprising was that I didn’t leave it there, someone had handed it in. It did occur to me earlier that I could have left it on top of a telephone utility box on the corner of Upper Clapton where a few happy-go-lucky pan handlers were gathered, talking, drinking alcohol and “minding” what I think was an elderly Labrador. All this at 11:00 am. Maybe pan handling is the wrong term as they were not overtly begging. In fact only the guy who held on to Luna when I ran into the shop  asked if I could spare change after I retrieved her.

They were still there as I walked past clutching my phone and waved at me, so I walked over to mention my good luck. That’s when one of the guys said the phone was left on the telephone utility box and it was he that took it into the shop. I could have kissed him but I didn’t.

I gave him a £1 although on reflection, I should have bought him a six-pack of his favorite brew or given him the monetary equivalent, after all he could have kept the phone and sold it for a bob or two causing me an unmentionable headache. I’ll correct that when next I see him.

At approximately 5:00pm I realised I left the phone at the bank tellers window,  which was my next stop.

It’s not the first I have come across such honesty in Hackney. 2 months after I moved back to Hackney, I droped £60 while coming out of my car infron of my house. 10 minutes later a guy who found it was standing around and gave it to me.  Again last year I left my purse on a counter at a local Costcutter one Saturday evening and again the staff found and held on to it.

I’m really not a scatter brain…honestly.

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