Obama to Donald Trump: How’dcha like me now bitch?

Kiss my Ivy League ass

Barack Obama must have been smirking to himself all last week, knowing there was something much bigger brewing, as the demented, blotted, liver spotted old man with the bird nest comb over, mocked and lied last week.

Donnie the village idiot, you're FIRED!

Donald Trumps “man of the moment” statusĀ  was short-lived when he was booed on Saturday as he entered the Washington hotel, the White House Correspondence Association dinner was being held at. Then came the public smack down from both the President and comedian Seth Meyers who tore him up.

Obama smiled through his gags about Trump and I imagine it was both a feeling of trepidation and “I’ll show you birther bastards.” And show ’em he did.

The announcement in the early hours of Sunday morning (British time), that the tall skinny dude with kidney problems had been killed, taken down by the US Navy SEALS. Obama gave the go-ahead but it was the DevGru crew from Virginia that did the hard graft.

Just as I thought, Obama’s glory was short-lived. The squabbling has kicked off, the conspiracy theories are flying, the quest for proof of death… who cares, they smoked Osama out and did so under Obama’s watch. That’s one massive notch on his White House first term tenure.

Bin Laden’s asleep with the fishes. No virgins for this warrior.

Howd’cha like that Donnie?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eJpWOY3r18]

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