Wills and Kate’s big fat royal wedding

"Faster Wills faster"

Thirty years ago I viewed life and the world differently from how I do now. Of course I was much younger, innocent and not as jaded.Which explains why I was caught up in Diana Spencer frenzy. A large group of us were at Hyde Park the night before she and Charles’s wedding in July 1981.We had a great meal at a restaurant in Charlotte Street, before we made our way to the park to watch a spectacular fire works display but unlike David Cameron, I didn’t sleep on the Mall, but made my way back home in the wee hours of the morning.

My opinion of the monarchy has since changed (not that I ever had an opinion either way before) and you will NEVER find me waving the flag at any Jubilee, wedding or royal appearance, nor will you find me attending street parties to honor anything royal. I’m just not that into them. There is no reason why an arcade feudal system that can be traced to the 10th century, should be accepted in the 21st century furthering social inequality and division. Please spare me the lecture on the different charities they help.

However this morning there was no escaping the royal nuptials on radio, tv and internet. Enjoying a lay-in, watching TV this morning, something happened. I confess I awoke rather eager to see the dress. Had it not been such a secret, I probably would not have, but I found myself letting the dogs out into the back yard and promised them a long run in Springfield Park in the afternoon.

And it wasn’t just the dress. Being the daughter of a naval officer meant that as a young girl, my sister and I served as bride maids at our share of military weddings and even at that young age I dreamt of walking through an arch of swords with my handsome officer. Today it’s all about my reaction to a happy occasion and I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who were taken back to their wedding. The feeling of a new dawn, the hopes, the excitement, the feeling that both of you could conquer anything, so many dreams for the future.

Proving why some people prefer not to work with kids or animals

For some of us it’s not happy ever after and divorce or death becomes a reality, some of us never get to walk down the aisle and for the really unlucky ones you stay in a loveless unhappy marriage. For those who have yet to tie the knot, it’s still a dream of the biggest day in your life and for the moment, you live vicariously through a fairy tale wedding, even if it’s just for a day. Us gals are all victims of the brothers Grimm and Disney.

Even for an anti royalist like me, it’s a welcome escape from the drone of bad news we are bombarded with, and for one day I didn’t want to think about the atrocities in Libya, Afghanistan or Syria, nor did I want to see footage of hurricane, tsunami or tornadoes. I didn’t want to have to hear of another grisly murder or a kid being shot in the inner cities. Contemplating the juxtaposition of my feelings regarding the monarchy is pushed aside for a few hours and I’m happy exchanging tweets on twitter.

I’m living in the moment watching all those people cheering and celebrating on the street outside the Abbey, The Mall, Buckingham Palace and those gathered in the Royal Parks nearby. There was even a jolly police man offering slapstick comedy. It lifts my spirit and I’m glad they are not angry people demonstrating,

For a few hours I am not at war with the world.

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