Mystery of dead Upper Clapton girl in bath, Daily Mail and Evening Standard


It appears the readers comments made under the news reports in both the Daily Mail and Evening Standard, have been removed. Daily Mail sites it is no longer accepting comments, for legal reasons. It took them over a week after her death to report the story, while local media Hackney Gazette and Hackney Hive reported on it immedietly, with the Hackney Hive being the only source who mentioned, what she did for a living, school she attended, including names of famous people who also attended the same school.

The Daily Mail’s heading claims she died of an overdose, something that hasn’t been proven, since toxicology results can take weeks, which makes it all the more confusing why they would delete readers comments but leave what could prove to be quite libelous, although, a quick google pretty much points to friends who confirm how she died.

You are probably familiar with some of the trolls that post comments on blogs and news website response sections, some can be quite unpleasant and if I recall many of them were rather harsh, basically saying it wasn’t a tragedy, but stupidity that led to her death. Not nice things for family and friends of Louise Cattell to read and it appears they have done something about it. I guess money talks eh?

If you believe the old adage about there being no smoke without fire, one can assume if 4 people present at her flat were arrested, 3 on suspicion of possession of class C drugs and one on suspicion of distributing class C drugs (which I hear was Ketamine), well I figure someone was selling and a whole lotta people were buying and consuming.the shit.

Reading through the R I P and OMG! tweets from people who knew her it was obvious she was popular and part of the trendy 20 something urban party scene who think they are invincible. Some of them from families with money, and like Louise attended private schools. Their pokey rented Hackney flats or shared houses belie their life of privilege and education. For Lousie Cattell it was attending The Francis Holland School, and exotic family vacations to the Caribbean while staying at friends grand mountain top villas. Vietnam, Rwanda, Namibia, safari trips in East and South Africa and Skiing trips.

By all accounts she knew her stuff, was ambitious, had the right connections but worked her butt off. She obviously was no fool. One her childhood friends recently wrote in her blog:

Lou was taken in the most tragic way, she drowned in her bathtub as the result of ketamine. I guess the reason I am writing this is out of pure shock that such a wonderful person could be taken from us in such a terrible and preventable way. I know that everyone has their own limits and views on drugs but I pray that this can be a lesson not to fuck around and to precious with our lives. Louise was by no means stupid or irresponsible, she was deeply intelligent and had a profound understand of the world. I cannot bare the thought that others might perish in this tragic way and I hope that her death will make people see sense and realise how fragile life truly is. If someone so strong could be stolen from her friends and family like this..

Another person who knew her had tweeted a few days before Louise’s death, how ‘smashed’ she (the girl) was. Evidently so ‘smashed’ that she couldn’t feel her face. Yup, bragging about how high she was, I wonder if she’s still getting high on horse tranquilizer this weekend?

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