Sunday on the sofa watching the Grammys

They are paying homage to Aretha Franklin at the Grammys. Florence Welsh is trying to keep up as is Martina McBride and her country music self.  Jennifer Hudson is shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmoking and bringing the house down. Christina Agulera….I never got her.

Not a nice thing to say, but it looks like Aretha’s bout with cancer has done wonders for her weight problem.

Lady Gaga….I’m switching over to watch something else for the next 5 minutes. What’s with all the drama? Just fucking sing.

This is Justin Bieber? Never seen him perform, not even on YouTube.  I shouldn’t be such an old mouldy cow, there was a time I was 12 and mad about the Jackson 5 and even crazier about Donny Osmond. But Donny and the Jackson actually sang. Bieber just looks and sounds ridiculous.

Best Rock Album goes to Muse….Never heard their music, but was good to see Neil Young, Tom Petty and Jeff Beck in the running…meh, they’ve had their moments…Still these young guns can’t compare to them.

I’m so over Will Smith, Jada Pinkin and their over exposed spawn.

Now we are talkin’, Bruno Mars rocks…A bit old school a lil bit original. Yo Bruno, those fuckers in Clark County don’t mess around. You will be doing state prison time if you violate your probation, shame you were not busted in Los Angeles, cus you would get so many chances before they nail you.

“And from New Kids on the Block” Donny Whalberg? Who writes this stuff? Whalberg is soooooo long after New Kids on the Block. Don’tcha y’all know that?

Gaga just won some award and thanked Whitney Huston for inspiration. Whitney wasn’t at the Grammy and keeping up with the Grammys isn’t something you do, when you’re sucking on a crack pipe.

Ooh Lady Antebellum, but poor attempt singing “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” – why did they call it a tribute to Teddy Pendergras? Leave it out. Ok, my favorite “I Need You”. And Lady Antebellum wins Country Album of the year. What are these people doing to country music. This ain’t country, it’s pop. They also won Song of the Year. Love it, but please don’t call it country.

Jaaaaaaaamie Foooooooooooooooooox …. Wooooooo hoooooooooo!

CeeLo and Gwenyth Paltrow, killing me performing a fun piece with the muppets. Has to be best performance. Love the puppet back up singers.

Oh boy I’ve missed a good 20 minutes talking to my mum on the phone.

Rhianna has never done it for me. Trouble is they all sound alike. Ooh Eminem just brought me back to life….and Dr  Dre

Skinny old white dude prancing around Mick Jagger…. yawn.

Chris Brown has just smashed his fist through a wall watching Rhianna grind. BAM!!!!! I think every guy in the audience has a hard on.

Not impressed with Bob Dylan’s Tom Waits impression.

Aah it’s over. Overall I’m underwhelmed.

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