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Why the butcher, brothel & ethnic stores on Chatsworth Rd should worry


Seems like someone has been blowing smoke up Halil Mehmet’s jacksy. Mehmet owns Mighty Meat on Chatsworth Road and his remark was in response to plans for a new Chatsworth Market. A Hackney news site recently quoted him as saying “having a market would be the best thing for the road”.  Really, Halil?

The Nimby’s, chattering class, feckless trendies….you know the type I’m talking about, all want the area gentrified beyond recognition, although most will not admit it openly. That’s the thing about Hackney, so pretentious and two faced that you have to sleep with one eye open.

Like the gangstas (albeit a more genteel non violent type) that where a blight on the area some years ago, they want their own patch, just like Broadway Market and Stoke Newington Church St and they are all out to get their way, even if it means lying to you and ultimately out pricing poor people out of the area. Such is the downside of gentrification and no matter how much they dress up their ‘vision plans’ and consultations it always ends the same way.

It’s only natural to want your property to increase in price and clean up unsightly areas (parts of Chatsworth Rd is just down right depressing) but more than anything they want a fancy pantsy insular cafe culture area to call their own. You see, while homes on streets off Chatsworth are comparative in price to some homes off Stoke Newington Church Street, Clapton still remains the bastard red  head step child to Stokey & London Fields. But that’s about to change.

They claim a once a week market will bring business to the existing businesses there. How so I ask? The convenience stores are open 365 days a year, staying open until late with some of them 24 hours. You can get every thing you need without a trip to a supermarket. I wonder how many of the market gowers, will pop into the Regent, a Nigerian store that sells the intricate lace fabrics used to make the native attire and other goods geared towards the African market. Of course it will be standing room outside eateries like the crêperie and L’epicerie.

As for Mighty Meats, even one of Chatsworth Road ardent market campaigners, local foodie and writer won’t be caught dead buying her meat there, but prefers the more poncy Ginger Pig in gentrified Victoria Park Village. I don’t blame her, I like The Ginger Pig too. They have a yummy deli and some of the best meats, which cost a wee bit more, but some times you just have to pay more for quality. She’s written and gushed about them on her blog enough times. Me? I absolutely love W Wells Butchers, in Well Street, quality is second to none and they are a family business established since 1931.Saturdays always finds people queuing way outside the door and around the building. I get various meats from them and I can rely on them to cut my steaks just so. The staff are amazing too.

By the way, Well Street Market also needs your support too. Face Book Group

Even residents behind gentrification admit that Chatsworth Road will “change beyond recognition”. So much so that they felt compelled to organize a photography exhibition last Fall. I’d say the phrase “talkin’ outta both sides of your mouth” comes to mind, wouldn’t you?

The campaign talks of keeping it diverse, but I doubt Chatsworth Road will be that diverse for much longer, evident from the photos from the trial Sunday markets they held late last year? If you are into home made jams, home made baked goods, organic stuff and (wait for it) ‘vintage’ … the most over used word in recent years, you’ll be in for a treat. You’ll find vintage clothes (of course), vintage ceramic home ware, even vintage toys, postcards, art, non vintage vegan meals and all kinds of cutesy trinkets.

Last time I was at one of the poncy deli’s, I noticed cup cakes ‘locally sourced’ and baked in a house just a yards away on Glenarms Road, was being sold for almost £3. That day I chose the passion fruit tart that was a few pence less, only because I couldn’t bear the thought of paying so much for a fairy cake. Yes, I know, my logic is a little skewered.

Stoke Newington Church St has a bakery that sells a loaf of bread for over £3.00 which prompted a local resident to say “Is this Zimbabwe?”. I don’t know about you, but bread can only taste so good.

In the mean time I wonder how much longer Seniorita’s the massage parlour will last. I’ve already heard rumblings coming from residents, even though it is discreet and away from some of the fancy over priced eateries.

For local resident and FT Economist, Tim Harford, the writing has been on the wall according to this piece he wrote.

“From little acorns them mighty oaks do grows”…it’s only a matter of time.

Yup, this is Chatsworth Market
Home made cakes – market or church fete

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