Censorship isn’t the way


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Last week, Hackney council joined other boroughs in London to ban adult establishments in their respective boroughs. Imagine that. There isn’t a week that goes by when some kid doesn’t stab another (most we don’t hear of) yet the lame people in charge of our borough are more worried about a harmless punter, who might not have a job next week, wanting to enjoy a beer and scantily clad ladies dancing around him.

Just another reason not to vote Labour next elections. Not that I voted Labour last elections, in fact I had not voted in over 20 years until last May, but voted a combination of Independents and Tory, who didn’t stand a chance in wining Hackney. Nationally I didn’t tick the box. Frankly it doesn’t make a difference and as the years go by, I get more and more cynical about government and those who tell us they get into politics to help people. Next time I won’t bother.

But it’s not just Hackney, it seems the world has gone mad, making it harder for people to enjoy commercial sex and adult fun. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I owned and ran a high end escort service for close to 13 years. I’m not ashamed nor will I ever apologise, even though I was sentenced to18 months in prison.¬† As expected I’m a little bias.

In late December, CraigsList¬† pulled it’s world wide adult section, having pulled its US adult section some months before, after years of constant bullying, harassment from ambitious state attorney generals, legal wranglings, feminists and other groups who would like the world to believe that CraigsList encouraged and contributed to world wide sexual exploitation of women and minors, human trafficking.and murder.

From Hackney Hive:

Hackney council have agreed to ban any future adult establishments in the borough despite protest from employees of adult establishments, and 67 per cent of respondents to the consultation, being against a nil policy.

However the existing businesses in the borough, which consist of four lap dancing clubs: Rainbow Sports Bar, Browns, The White Horse, Ye Old Axe clubs and the lone sex shop –¬† Expectations, all located in Haggerston Ward, will be allowed to continue providing they adhere to certain conditions, referred to in an amended proposal.
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