A Woman of Ill Repute

After a few emails from people who want to know more about what led to my incarceration,  the ongoing news coverage of the covert involvement of police officer and prolific Lothario Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone, I’ve been  thinking about the years undercover officers were part of my everyday life.

I’m not an eco fanatic nor a sympathiser,  but I can understand their outrage and feeling of betrayal, and yes, it’s no wonder he’s in hiding. Fucking someone you later find out is an undercover cop is tantamount to being raped, which is why I have no sympathy for him.Notice his resemblance to Kid Rock?

Here is a very condensed and abridged version of my interaction with vice cops. I actually have 10 years worth of anecdotes

Leaving London in the mid 80’s for New York, I spent a summer back and forth between the Bahamas, St, Croix (US Virgin Islands) Puerto Rico and Florida, before settling in Los Angeles for a year.

Fast forward 2 years of living in LA and I find myself in New Orleans where I hitched my wagon for a year. It’s also where I met Nikki while celebrating a colleagues birthday one evening after work at Pat O’Briens. Nikki I soon found out was a madam and curiosity got the best of me. Having read Sidney Biddle-Barrow’s The Mayflower Madam a few years before, had made me more than curious about that line of business, but I didn’t dare act on it. It was so far removed from how I had been brought up to think and would have been too ashamed to tell anyone.

Chalk it up to being away from my family and people I’d known for an eternity, but I easily slipped into a whole other world and began answering Nikki’s phones. Soon I was running the show most evening after work. I was also making a nice amount in ‘commision’ on every call booked. This duck took to the water and was lovin’ it.

When Nikki decided to move back to Minneapolis, I jumped at the chance to take over and she agreed to sell it to me I also made the decision to hand in my notice at the Recruitment agency I worked at, as a Recruitment Consultant.

I got rid of some of her skanky ladies and hired some part timers. Ladies who had careers, jobs or were in further education and wanted to supplement their incomes. An average looking married woman in her mid 30’s, whose husband had lost his job due to an  illness became the top girl. She had clients waiting weeks to see her.  She was in more demand than some of the leggy 21 year old’s. I also got to know the concierge, doormen and managers of several of New Orleans top hotels and restaurants, who sent me referrals. Taxi drivers were also a good connection to have …..New Orleans before hurricane Katrina was a major US destination for conventions and conferences. The whole City benefited from conventions including me. I made 40%, the ladies 60% and in one good week, I could earn up to $5,000 (late 1980’s).. small change to what I was to make when I moved back to Los Angeles.

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Vice also became aware of me and I was approached by a dirty cop who wanted backhanders (See post by gonenmissno). Put simply he said paying him a regular amount would protect me from getting arrested. I told him to take a hike, still a little naive I didn’t put much  into what he said and carried on. Until the night the NOPD vice squad broke my door down and had me lay face down, with guns drawn on me. New Orleans Police Department NOPD is known to be amongst if not the most corrupt police force in the US. Eddie Messina who was my number one nemesis and the cop wanting a bribe, I just found out was kicked off the force after raping a woman and sent to prison after molesting a friends child. I’d heard he was in prison, but I thought it was for armed robbery. Still he’s an example of the sort of officers that are on the vice team across America.

Turns out Nikki knew she was under investigation when she passed the business over to me so I closed shop for about a month and hot footed it to Miami for a break before starting up against the advice of my lawyer. The life-style and money had sucked me in and I got off on the clandestine nature of the business. I loved waking up late, having lunch at some of my favorite hunts in the French Quarters or Warehouse District.

Under cover cops called regularly to entrap me, so I stuck with regular clients, but I also became quite astute at weeding vice out to ensure none of the ladies got arrested.  I found out New Orleans cops were not the sharpest tools.

Their usual MO was to check into a hotel or motel and pass themselves off as visiting businessmen, even a local. Call it intuition or just being able to detect an undercover cop, but I was always able to sniff them out. One of the things I always did when a prospective client without references from a known client called, was to find out how he paid for his hotel suite or room. If it was cash I’d decline his business. Sometimes I’d ask and sometimes I’d ask the prospective client or just call the hotel and impersonate a credit card company employee checking on what I thought was a stolen credit card. I’d want to know if their phone numbers where listed and would check. While some were reluctant to give out information, you would be surprised at the amount of those that did.

The checks didn’t end with me. When the escort got to the hotel she would ask to see his ID. Usually a drivers license and since so many of them were from out of state or a different town, a plane ticket had to be seen. Satisfied everything was OK, she would call me or Craig my trusted assistant to check in and let us know all was fine.

It all came to an end, when my lawyer told me I’d be facing further charges if I didn’t close shop. Word from the prosecutor’s office was that they were aware I was still open for business  and would be be looking at serious prison time if I didn’t stop.

Kenny my lawyer was the greatest.  The guy really cared and was able to arrange a very relaxed meeting between  he, the prosecutor on the case and me, in his office. They both made it clear that Louisiana had some of the worst prisons where I would end up, if I continued. Two hours after the meeting began, I left Kenny’s office agreeing with the Deputy District Attorney to allow the phone company to disconnect my business phone numbers and cease business. Some of the ladies and I had a farewell soiree

I went to court some weeks later for another hearing where I plead guilty to a much lesser charge and was fined $250. I’m not sure as it’s been such a long time, but I also believe I received a suspended sentence.

A month later I went back to Los Angeles, where the cops made the NOPD guys, look like Peter Pan.

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