Etta James isn’t doing too good

Sad to hear one of my favorite R&B singers, Etta James, isn’t in good shape. Since her medical problems a year ago, I’ve been googling for up dates, with no results. That was until the Los Angeles Times reported last week on her health and court battle. Actually not so much ‘her’ court battle, but that of her two son’s and her husband Artis Mills, who want control of her $1 million in savings.

At 72 yrs old, she suffers from dementia, shows symptoms of organic syndrome, is undergoing treatment for leukemia.and needs 24 hr round the clock care.

Etta James is a survivor who has battled it all and I’m lucky to have seen her perform live a number of times, through different stages of her life. At one show a number of years ago in Augora Hills, California she was clearly inebriated or high or something and couldn’t remember her lines. People walked out, but like a good captain, I remained to the end.

More recently I read a review of a show she did in 2008 at the Hollywood Bowl, where she made suggestive gestures during her songs, including rubbing the microphone on her crotch and simulated oral sex with her microphone. That would have been a little too much for me to sit through.

All the best Ms James.

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