I was right about Ted.

A week ago I blogged about Ted Williams, the homeless man the press dubbed “The Man With the Golden Voice”. I had doubts about his sudden exposure, the wild pace it was going, also doubted he would make it and suggested the vultures backed off. Getting him the medical and mental heath treatment he needs first, should have been their priority.  I also doubted what he’d said about been sober for 2 years.

I was right. Ted and one of his daughters got into an altercation at a nice hotel in Hollywood and were detained for a while by police, but not charged.

It appears one of his daughters confronted him about his drinking. According to her and other members of the family he drinks every day, something I’m sure his ‘media handlers’ are aware of, but they whizzed him from studio to studio in New York and then flew him out west to do more shows in California.

So now Ted is finally on his way to rehab, which big headed media whore and charlatan, Dr Phil credits to the one on one he had with Ted.  Something tells me this ain’t gonna end happy, especially now that the likes of Dr Phil is involved.

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