A homeless person is not just for Christmas


…. or reality shows. I became aware of a new ITV project last summer, called “Home Is Where The Heart Is” , but didn’t think it would go forward, however the Ted Williams circus might just catapult this into production although I hope it doesn’t.  It was a bad idea then and it’s still a bad idea today.

According to The Pavement, a magazine about and for rough sleepers and homeless people:

“The idea is to have homeless people move into ‘celebrities’ homes. Personally I prefer to call them TV personalities, but what do I know. According to The Pavement , a magazine about and for UK’s rough sleepers and homeless people, “Homeless people will move into celebrities’ homes for three weeks as part of a new reality TV show.

The ITV show, called Home is where the heart is, will begin filming later this year, with stars such as GMTV host Kate Garraway, Anthea Turner, Liza Tarbuck, Danielle Lloyd and Fiona Phillips all rumoured to be taking part. Although ITV couldn’t confirm which celebrities had signed up, it stressed that it was looking for celebs with a “genuine interest” in the issue of homelessness.”

They go on to say:

“However, Crisis – which was approached by the broadcaster but did not want to be involved – warned that extra care needed to be taken when addressing such a sensitive subject. Duncan Shrubsole, its director of policy & external affairs, said: “At Crisis, we believe the media – and television in particular – can be very effective at informing the general public about homelessness, its causes and consequences and the issues homeless people face.”

Good luck to them finding a ‘celeb’ out of that bunch with a “genuine interest” on the issues of homelessness.

According to a source,  the homeless guests will not be paid however the TV personalities will be paid £20,000 each and ‘encouraged’ to donate £5,000 to their homeless house guest.

If you ask me it’s nothing butanother cheap entertainment show in the guise of advocating an understanding of vulnerable members of our society this time, the homeless.

Read the whole article in The Pavement

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