Two drug dealers two different principles


“I was gonna go on world tour, but then I got high
I was gonna write a new song but then I got high
Now I’m laying here dead because I got high…”

Michael Jackson was no saint and his death at some point was inevitable, but to have his death aided by a medical professional who should have known better, is unforgivable. Reading reports of how he didn’t give or get Michael the help he needed as he lay dying, I’m reminded of another drug peddler (in Texas), this one specialized in the sale of crack cocaine, but he was more principled than Dr Conrad Murray.

‘Mike’ was in his late 20’s, well groomed, low key, a single father raising 3 children, he was also illiterate. I became acquainted with him through a woman I knew who was heavily addicted to crack. He didn’t do any hard drugs, but enjoyed a spliff. The woman I knew was middle aged, University of Texas graduate, who had some issues. She also had money and was a drug dealers dream.

The difference between Conrad Murray and ‘Mike’ is that ‘Mike’ the crack dealer knew when to call a Doctor. He also knew when to stop selling her crack.  Conrad Murray is a despicable human being monster and I hope he loses his medical license.

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