New Years Day in Hackney = one shooting and one stabbing


Corner of Mount Pleasant Lane & Upper Clapton Rd, shows police cordon after shooting on Upper Clapton Rd. Image  ©Duchess of Hackney

Here we go again.  Just after I wished everyone a safe new year in my last post we have two incidents. The first one just down the road from me at Olympia Restaurant on Upper Clapton Road. Apparently police were called around 6.30 am to the Olympia Caribbean Restaurant, where they found a man in his early 20’s with a gunshot wound to his torso. They tell me he’s been taken to an East London hospital and is in a critical condition.

Olympia is a pleasant enough place, where I have ordered take-aways from several times. The people who own and run it are quite nice people and they usually close around 11 pm, so I can only assume there was a NYE soiree going on, although I believe the shooting took place outside the restaurant.

In the mean time, Upper Clapton Road is closed at Northwold Road. The restaurant faces Northworld.

I need to get to Haggerston in a moment and then Stokey, Haringey and Crouch End….(yup about 2hrs of work and then home to relax and have the drinks I couldn’t have last night because I had to be up early.

Second incident  A man was found stabbed in Well Street. I hear he was stabbed in his face wrist and chest. Lucky for him, his injuries are not life threatening and is being treated at a hospital. Cassland Rd near Terrace Road is closed.

So how was your NYE?

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